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Citroën, Peugeot, Renault… all French brands are coming out with new products.

Next year promises to be full of novelties about French cars. Overview of products from France ready for 2022.


It is definitely one of the most anticipated novelties of the year. The Austral, whose name was formalized by Renault in December, is a 4.51-meter SUV that will take over the Kadjar in the spring. This will be one of the first models of the brand to usher in the "new wave" that Renault's new CEO, Luca de Meo, aspires to. Austral will succeed where Kadjar fails: dethroning the Peugeot 3008 in the compact SUV segment.


Citroën returns to the family sedan market with the C5 X, a model - made in China - that combines sedan, station wagon and SUV. In addition to its original styling, it captivates with its limousine-style spaciousness and rear-seat comfort. In short, the perfect car to swallow the miles. Perfect… or almost. Indeed, the absence of a diesel engine risks being an obstacle to purchase for some customers. The C5 X is only offered with a petrol or plug-in hybrid engine.


After this year's sedan, the new "made in France" Peugeot 308 (it's made in Mulhouse) will appear in a scooter version in the first quarter of 2022. 28 centimeters (4.64 meters) longer , this 308 SW retains its advantages over sedans: dynamic style, very modern interior, many technology systems. Its main advantage is delivering a larger cargo volume, with a trunk of 608 liters (548 liters hybrid), compared to 412 liters for the sedan (361 liters hybrid). As for the price, they start at almost 26,000 euros, a 1,000 euro difference compared to the 5-door.


Four years ago the Alpine A110 returned to the catalog. To revive interest in this niche model, the Dieppe brand will bring several new features to this range during the first quarter. New colors, new multimedia system with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, parking assist system: the novelties here. And don't just care about how it looks. Under the hood of the A110S - the sportiest version - the 1.8 turbo turbo hits the 300 hp mark (that's an extra 8 hp) and gets a specific set of aerodynamics to get a little bit of top speed. History stands tall for the Porsche 718 Cayman, its main rival.


Another great new feature to explore at Renault: Mégane E-Tech. E-Tech means 100% electric. Expected to hit dealerships by the end of the first quarter, the new model will hit the market alongside the current Mégane. They have the same name but that is the only thing they have in common. Design, interior atmosphere, platform, technology: everything is new and very different. And if the new Mégane is shorter (4.21 meters long, or 14 centimeters lower), it is more spacious thanks to the wheels thrown at the four corners of the body. Finally, note that orders are already open. Prices start from 29,200 euros for the 130-horsepower version and 34,200 euros for the 220-horsepower version, with a deductible eco bonus of 6,000 euros.


Citroën's small SUV celebrates its 4th anniversary in 2022. To keep up with ever more fierce competition, the chevron brand should give it a bit of freshness next summer. We should not expect a real revolution. Like the C3 Aircross, redesigned for 2021, the new C5 Aircross will feature a stronger front end and a larger, better-definition touchscreen. Under the hood, the offer will always revolve around petrol and diesel engines, not to mention plug-in hybrid versions.


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