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Brazil - The end of 2021 is here and the beginning of 2022 is getting closer and closer, some people are getting excited about buying a new car in 2022. Thinking about them, let's take a look at the five models that will hit the market next year, in an unprecedented way or a redesigned.

1. New generation Citroën C3

The fact that the French automaker is preparing with great strides for the new generation of the C3, which we already know many details about, including its design, is no longer news to anyone. . With the aim of increasing the brand's representation in Brazil, the country that has grown after Stellantis, the new model will debut in 2022 with a 1.6-liter aspirated and possibly a 1.0 turbo (both with gearboxes) automatic), as well as versions with the aspirated 1.0 engine and manual transmission.

The price range is uncertain, but considering the competition, we can expect something from R$70,000 ( $12,448) to R$90,000 ( $16,005), which could vary somewhat. Therefore, it may be available for full IPI exemption and partly from ICMS, in the new context for state tax exemption.

2.Fiat Fastback (unpublished)

Fiat has taken a long time, but they are entering the compact SUV segment and starting this assault with the Pulse, its results are working very well and the numbers are clear for a model. new. Continuing with this strategy will be the Fastback (unofficial name), which sits above the Pulse with a coupe design at the rear - similar to the VW Nivus, but competing with the VW T-Cross and more.

It could come with 1.0 and 1.3 engines, both turbo flex engines, in addition to offering the same technology and safety features as the Pulse - perhaps with some extras to "justify" the price tag. higher. The price range is unknown, but we do know that it was tested in the first half of 2022, and according to Pulse's assessment, we know that it will only be exempt from IPI.

3. New generation Honda HR-V

The new generation of the Japanese brand SUV has been launched and launched in Thailand, in addition to a test run in Brazil. Unlike the model that has launched in other countries, at least for now we won't have a hybrid engine, but according to speculations and news from other automotive websites, the national HR-V will have 1.5 aspirated engine like City 2022 in counter versions. and with the 1.5 turbo engine fitted to the current HR-V Touring in top trims.

At a slightly larger size than the current generation we've known since 2015, the HR-V will compete at a higher level with the Jeep Compass and others, although current competition is still expected. maintain. It will bring features like adaptive autopilot, autonomous emergency braking and a track reader in some versions, representing a huge step up from the current model.

As for the PwD, as well as the HR-V on sale today, we should just wait for the IPI waiver.

4. Toyota Yaris Hatch / Restyled Sedan

Introduced in 2018, the Toyota Yaris Hatch and Sedan came with the intention of serving as a bridge between the Etios and Corolla lines, but now they are models that approach the Japanese brand's range - in Brazil. They have never been at the top of their class, but they represent a good chunk of sales for Toyota and should get relevant news as early as January 2022.

With a redesigned front fascia, the duo will be more in line with the brand's current visual language, in addition to adopting LED headlights in more complete (and expensive) versions. In addition, they will receive a boost in technology and safety, which can be achieved in some versions with Toyota Safety Sense with some driver assistance features, such as adaptive autopilot.

However, mechanization should continue as it is. For PcD, depending on the promotional price at the time, the counter instance may be exempt from both IPI and ICMS partially, with other versions only being exempt from federal taxes.

5. Volkswagen Polo and Virtus restructuring

Volkswagen has launched on the European market a styling remake of the seventh-generation Polo, which has been on sale here since 2017, but sales have lost some momentum. With that, it will kick off similar Old Continent changes in Brazil, bringing it closer to the eighth-generation Golf we don't know yet.

In addition, it will enhance the driving assistants applied on Nivus and currently on the T-Cross to become safer and more complete, and should also include a new multimedia center and changes other changes to ensure better sales and constant updates. This would also apply to the Virtus, a sedan derived from the Polo, but not sold in Europe.

As for the engines, they should stay the same (1.0 and 1.6 aspirated and 1.0 turbo), and possibly 170 TSI variants in the mid-range trims. Prices will be significantly higher, so the same thing said for Yaris can be considered here: for PwD, depending on the price being promoted at the time, the counter instance could be exempt from both IPIs and IPIs. and partial ICMS, with other versions having only federal tax exemptions.


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