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After launching a series of EV concept cars earlier this week, Nissan is back with a new vision for its electric future, the Ariya Single Seater concept. While the stylish concept doesn't look like the upcoming Ariya electric crossover, Nissan says the concept uses the same powertrain as the road-going crossover, demonstrating the presence of the road-going crossover. a sporty Nissan EV for years to come.

It seems like Nissan really wants to push the upcoming Ariya 2023 as there is some hidden performance potential. As such, the Yokohama-based manufacturer has introduced the Ariya Single Seater Concept. It is also likely to be a hint of what we should expect from Nissan's upcoming Formula E Gen3 car.

While the Ariya was officially unveiled in the US just before the LA Auto Show, the Ariya Single Seater Concept was revealed during the Nissan Futures event as another potential application of the Ariya's powertrain. The same event also showed the direction Nissan is expected to become an electric vehicle maker, showcasing several concept car renderings.

Considering its name, the Ariya Single Seater unsurprisingly takes the form of a single-seater race car. It bears a strong resemblance to second-generation Formula E cars — a series with which Nissan has competed since 2018 — with its covered wheels and exposed suspension components. There's even a "halo", a safety device introduced by the FIA ​​in race cars with open cockpits to protect the driver's head, which protrudes from the bodywork.

Nissan has suggested that the concept could be used as a "custom single-seat racing chassis." This isn't the first single-seat series for Nissan and NISMO, considering the Nissan Micra Cup, but it will be the first single-seat series for Nissan with full manufacturer support. For Nissan's World Series, the company only offered engines, first the SR20DE I-4, then the VQ30DE V-6 and finally the VQ35DE V-6 before switching to the Zytek 3.4-liter V-8. in 2012. It would make for an interesting single-seater race car, considering it would be AWD. It also makes us wonder if it will ditch the rear brake like the upcoming FIA Formula E Gen3 car.

Nissan has studied design cues from the street-legal crossover, such as the copper and black color combination from the Ariya launch model. At the front, Nissan has incorporated the V-shaped grille seen on its road cars through the lighting strips that run down the nose to the front splitter. Smooth bodywork, less aerodynamic doodles and low, simple rear spoiler. Nissan didn't provide any specs for the Single Seat concept, but we assume it has the Ariya crossover's dual-engine setup, good for 389 hp and 443 lb-ft of torque. . The Ariya Single Seater will probably never go into production, but along with the Max-Out concept unveiled on Monday, it shows that Nissan is seriously considering how to create interesting sports cars as the scene unfolds. automobiles switch to electric power.

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