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This build focuses on the off-road capabilities of Toyota's iconic model.

Since its launch, the Toyota Land Cruiser 300 has become one of the most talked about automotive topics on social media. However, the previous generation, which has been in production since 2007 still possesses a large number of loyal fans. To meet the requirements of customers from Australia and the Middle East, Russian tuning company Khann International has introduced the Land Cruiser 200 Expedition.

The tuning company is based in Moscow, Russia, which has a long history of making sports bodykits for models from Toyota and Lexus, but this build is really different. The Expedition is designed to convey the Land Cruiser's spirit of adventure, while improving on the off-road ability already excellent on this SUV.

The exterior of the car has been redesigned, giving it a stiffer and more modern look. The front features a bold off-road front bumper, combined with a unique grille design and a central LED light strip. The bonnet has also been redesigned with two large air vents.

On the sides, the wheel arches are wider to accommodate large, specialized off-road tires. The wheels are a 10-spoke alloy painted black. The vehicle is also equipped with additional steps and breathing tubes. The rear features a spare wheel, comes with a rear bumper with many plastic panels for protection.

The Russian tuner has not revealed any more details about the technical aspects as well as whether there is any intervention in the engine on this version, but it is likely that the suspension has been modified. Original, Toyota Land Cruiser is equipped with V8 petrol engine, 5.7L capacity or V8 diesel engine, 4.5L capacity, turbocharger.

Fans think that this is the perfect version, suitable for old Toyota Land Cruiser owners who want to upgrade their car, instead of having to wait many years to receive a brand new Land Cruiser 300. . Currently, Khann International has not announced the price for the Expedition version, but it will likely not be cheap.


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