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Starting price is about: $25.096

Xingtu, this brand was born not long ago, is a luxury line brand under Chery.

Chery technology, three key components are obvious for a car. In the previous CCPC series production car show, Lingyun won the annual comprehensive championship of the mid-size and large SUV series, this time the manufacturer brought the car directly to the Roundabout. race the Shanghai Tianma so we can get a real feel for it.

The Tianma Circuit is not very long, only 2,063 km / lap but has a total of 14 corners, not to mention the slickness, but it can be considered an extremely challenging place to adjust the chassis. Then there are continuous bends and small straights, controlling the brake point and opening and closing the throttle is very important.

At Lingyun's S-turn, the body's center of gravity shifts back and forth between left and right, but the car feels very stable and the tires have a solid grip during rolling and there is almost no slippage. , allowing the vehicle to be more reliable. This is thanks to the good fortune of the Continental UC6 tyres, the UC6 tires are performance and handling focused tires that can provide better grip.\

This 2.0T engine has a maximum capacity of 261 horsepower and maximum torque of 400 N. This book data is close to the Drive-E T5 Evo jointly developed by Geely and Volvo. When pressing the gas to go straight, the front of the car is raised. The car sped like a wild horse running. This 1.7-ton giant can accelerate from 0 to 100 in just 6.58 seconds.

When switching from track to road, it is clear that the suspension is a bit stiff at first. But the stiffness of the suspension is structural. We can understand that it's sportier and more tightly tuned. But if you want to travel long distances by car, there's still room for improvement in this suspension.

The 7-speed dual-clutch transmission gives me the same shifting experience as the automatic, with almost no frustration. This is quite rare and the shifting logic is very clever. Especially on the track, when releasing the gas and holding the brake, the transmission has finished shifting in this time, this feeling of chaos and water is what I like.

Speaking of design, today's cars cannot capture the attention of consumers if they don't come up with some new tricks. The first thing that interested me is that the word EXEED on the front of Lingyun can also light up, when stopping the car, the flashing EXEED LOGO will make people think this is an electric car.

Lingyun adopts a new set of front fascia and the upper part of the grille adopts a closed design, integrated with the headlights. The lower part adopts cascading design, from top to bottom, from dense to sparse, integrated with air ducts on both sides. .

The entire rear is the place that attracts me the most, the rear wheel arches protrude out to create the feeling of a wide body. Viewed from the rear, the overall width is wide at the bottom and narrow at the top, creating a sporty coupe feel. The large rear spoiler on the roof and the dual design of the rear seats also help the car to be more dynamic.

From the interior, it can be seen that Xingtu Lingyun is following the path of gentle luxury, and the two-piece large screen is also fashionable enough. As a premium positioning, its detailed design is also very special, the center console is covered with leather on a large area, the feeling of class inside the car is immediately enhanced.

The gearshift lever has been changed from the original on-off switch to a yacht style, the light reflected inside the crystal-like transparent reflective material of the gear lever head has improved, and the visual effect has been greatly improved. The engine uses 12.3 inches, which can switch between three themes according to different driving modes. It can be said that we have arranged all the necessary configuration of Star Way for you.

Comment: The pre-sale price of Lingyun 400T is 159,900 to 179,900 yuan. The biggest problem of Starway Lingyun is that it has not been recognized by consumers, the car itself is not a big problem, the appearance is attractive enough. The problem is that the brand is not big enough, if there is good feedback on marketing in the near future, Lingyun will also become the main product for the company.

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