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Price starts : $15,577

Geely Emgrand L has been officially launched, two models have been launched with official prices of 99,000 yuan and 109,000 yuan respectively (equivalent to $15,577 - $17,150). As the newly launched premium sedan of the Emgrand family, the new vehicle is built on the basis of BMA's next-generation modular architecture, with higher quality, smarter technology and experience. more comfortable driving.

Emgrand L adopts Geely's latest "energy storm" design concept. The front grille of the energy matrix is inspired by the heliostat of the Dunhuang molten salt tower solar power plant. The "energy beam floodlight" consists of 12 LED light sources, which, combined with the three-segment beam width spotlight, make the whole connection look very subtle and recognizable.

On the body side, Emgrand L possesses smooth body lines and feels strong, the waistline runs from the front fender through the front and rear door handles to the rear, combined with two-tone wheels. larger color. - Capture the wheel to enhance the sense of motion. In terms of size, length, width, and height of the new car, respectively, 4735 * 1815 * 1478mm, the wheelbase reaches 2700mm.

As for the rear, the Emgrand L uses the popular see-through taillights, officially known as "flying ribbon taillights". The 2-meter-long light strip includes 258 LED light sources that can realize energy storms, aurora roaming, Xinghe three types of polite greetings.

As for the interior, Emgrand L integrates Chinese culture and modern technological energy elements, and uses a contrasting design between Danqing blue and Liuyun white to create a sense of elegance and sophistication in quality. high quantity. The new car is equipped with an antibacterial steering wheel, high efficiency filter core CN95 vehicle level, AQS air quality management system, negative ion purifier, ... to meet the needs of fresh travel of users.

In terms of smart configuration, Emgrand L series comes standard with a high-resolution 12.3-inch floating center console screen, Geely Galaxy OS ecosystem, God Eye 540° transparent chassis, monitoring system rear smart door opener, automatic start, smart key remote. startup, mobile app remote control, etc. At the same time, the super car is also equipped with the newly upgraded L2 intelligent driving assistance system,

In terms of technology configuration, all Emgrand L series are equipped with FOTA cloud intelligent upgrade function as standard, supporting the continuous development and upgrading of the car's five main domains, including domain source, frame domain, body domain, ADAS domain, and infotainment domain, which comprehensively enhance the digital intelligence of cars. Driving function.

In terms of materials and materials, the new car not only uses soft packaging for 90% of the internal components, but also comes equipped with the industry's first skin-friendly power seat that has been certified by the Rhein Institute of Virtue. with luxurious lightweight suede and Double Hardness foam seat for better upholstery.

In terms of power, Emgrand L is equipped with a newly tuned 1.4T turbocharged engine with a maximum capacity of 104kW (141 horsepower) and maximum torque of 235Nm, combined with an 8CVT gearbox. It is understood that the car will be powered by Geely's Raytheon Hi·X modular intelligent hybrid platform in the future, and a hybrid version will hit the market.


Geely Emgrand L is officially on sale with a converted price of $15,577 in China | Car Blog Geely Emgrand L is officially on sale with a converted price of $15,577 in China | Car Blog Reviewed by Dang Nhan on January 03, 2022 Rating: 5

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