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Price starts : $47.255

Since Lantu FREE delivery last August, sales have continued to grow. In 2021, the total sales achieved is 6,791 for the first product after transforming the central business (Dongfeng Motor).

On December 27, 2021, the first OTA upgrade of Lantu FREE, version number V1.1.0, involves more than 60 functions of in-vehicle entertainment, driving, artificial intelligence, safety, etc.,

Lantu FREE is Lantu Auto's first model, positioned as a "high-performance intelligent electric SUV". Its characteristics can be described as "safe, easy to drive and smart", safety is the foundation, ease of driving represents performance, and intelligence is artificial intelligence AI.

Lantu FREE's first OTA is mainly focused on "intelligence", especially entertainment and interaction.

Sing along the way: entertainment is essential

Cars today are not only a means of transportation from point A to point B, but also function as a mobile home, so rest and entertainment are of course indispensable. For example, the new K-song function, the members' music library can be enjoyed at will, and supports duo duets. Moreover, this function also demonstrates the true HIFI sound quality of Lantu FREE Dynaudio and 10 speakers throughout the vehicle.

Some people may ask “Who will sing K in the car?” But actually comes from the needs of real users, perhaps home users, to avoid boring trips, or music enthusiasts, they have to sing a song when they are in the mood. In addition, the Lantu FREE rear OTA monitor can be connected to a Bluetooth headset separately, so that the driver can focus on enjoying multimedia audio without disturbing the driver.

Clear at a glance: the interface is more streamlined

Intelligence is not simply about the size and number of screens in the car, but more importantly, efficient and rational human-computer interaction. Obviously, the focus of Lantu FREE's first OTA was here, making the screen liftable, layout clearer, and easier to operate.

There is also a quick parking operation, after the user enters P gear, the car engine will automatically display a message prompting to open the fuel tank cover and charging port cover without special operations, more convenient to add. energy. Of course, after experiencing, the media thinks that the logic of this function can still be optimized, relying on the outside vision system and the navigation system to determine the position, after the vehicle arrives at the station. gas station or charging station, opening the fuel tank cover and charging port cover will be displayed to avoid frequent unnecessary prompts.

Stronger voice interaction

A major trend in human-computer interaction is voice control. After the first OTA, the voice assistant Lantu FREE can realize "visible and talkable", this logic is easier to be accepted by everyone, and it is also better integrated with the screen function.

Lantu FREE also optimizes speech recognition. Optimized voice wake-up rate from 800 milliseconds to 300 milliseconds. By optimizing the effect of noise reduction and echo cancellation, the accuracy of the vehicle voice system is optimized and the general range of semantics is extended.

One-click direct: a more intimate experience

In addition to the above entertainment and interaction related functions, the first OTA of Lantu FREE has also optimized some usage details. When the user unlocks the car, the vehicle's suspension height will automatically lower to pick up passengers, with a minimum ground clearance of 125mm.

Lantu FREE can offer adaptive suspension for a price of 300,000 yuan ( $47.255 ), which in itself is an advantage. After the OTA, it has also been improved to better adapt to the needs of different road conditions for handling and comfort, such as when the car is running when driving at high speeds, the adaptive air suspension response lowers the bodywork, and the air suspension height is "low" to improve overall vehicle stability.

Lu Fang, CEO of Lantu Automobile, once said, “As a user-oriented technology company, Lantu Automobile will continue to perform OTA upgrades of the entire vehicle to provide users with a good travel experience. than on smart electric cars.” Lantu Automobile will perform the upgrade at least quarterly. Upgrade OTA, constantly develop software and hardware function experience, become smarter and easier to drive.

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