Byd Song MAX DM-i test drive upgraded seven-seater family car


                The MAX DM-i offers two versions of pure electric flight range, equipped with an 8.3kWh battery and an 18.3kWh battery, and a pure electric range of 51km and 105km respectively. The 2022 DM-i 105KM flagship model that we tested today is powered by a 1.5L Xiaoyun-plug-in hybrid engine with a maximum power of 81kW (110 hp) / 6000 rpm, maximum torque of 135Nm / 4500 rpm and thermal performance is Simultaneously, the car is equipped with ehs145 system,  The maximum power of the engine is 145kW and the maximum torque is 325Nm.

                The powertrain works with the priority of electric output and the motor is auxiliary. In actual operation, when there is enough electricity, the motor is directly transmitted, the motor and motor are disconnected; when there is a lack of electricity, the engine will intervene and the engine will charge the battery in addition to controlling the vehicle And during rapid acceleration, the motor and motor will generate parallel power to drive the car together.

                Since the Song MAX DM-i adopts the EHS electric hybrid system instead of the traditional gearbox, you can drive it like a pure electric car and you can get the help of high torque of the engine at the start and the car can also be used when overtaking.

                Most test drives are town and county roads, the road conditions are not very good, although they are paved roads but are not avoided some potholes. But the MAX DM-i, positioned as a 7-seater house, can retain relatively clear road information for the driver; and for rear passengers, it can also filter out some potholes and small vibrations, allowing the car to have passengers inside. I feel his lighter side. In response to large potholes, the rear suspension of the twisted beam is indeed a bit weak, and it will always bring some non-stop vibration.

                Of course, as an MPV, the processing capability is clearly not its strength. The steering wheel of the Song MAX DM-i is relatively soft, although it has two sporty and comfortable modes, it is difficult to feel the difference between the two modes; and the steering wheel is gentle and comfortable without hindering the ability to control accurately easily - the environment of use. The range is acceptable and traceability is also maintained at a high level.

                After talking about the Song MAX DM-i's driving experience, let's take a look at the other changes.

                In addition to the dynamic system, the "upgrade roof" should be considered the biggest feature of this Song MAX DM-i. It must be said that this "upgrade roof", which looks like a car trunk, is eye-catching, but it has no opening, and of course cannot be opened. Its real function is to extend the height of the roof. This is reflected directly in the car. It also offers a certain convenience for passengers when entering the 3rd row from the middle aisle.
            Thanks to the "upgraded hood", the measurement of the Song MAX DM-i is 4710 × 1810 × 1880mm, 20mm higher than the version without an "upgraded hood", the wheelbase is 2785mm. From this size it can also be seen that even the version without an enhanced hood is 10mm higher than the fuel version, and it is estimated that some adjustments have been made to the hybrid layout.

                In addition, the fog lamp position on the sides of the bottom of the Song MAX DM-i has been redesigned, removing two original circular fog lights, while compressing the size and contours of the decorative strips. Besides, the decorative grid in the car logo position has been canceled, the angle of the chrome border on the top of the air intake grid is also adjusted to make the whole simpler.

                Entering the car, the most visible is definitely the high-definition 15.6-inch central control rotating screen, super narrow frame design, high screen ratio up to 83%, not too good display efficiency. However, this screen is unique to the top model, and other models are equipped with 12.8 inches. In addition, integrated in the machine is BYD's latest DiLink 4.0 smart network connection system. The big change is that the user interface design is flatter and more intuitive, while offering two theme color options, which look really fresher.

                In addition, the latest DiLink 4.0 system has excellent performance in intelligent voice interaction, remote control, third-party APP, etc. Not only that, the Song MAX DM-i offers a full active safety system, which can achieve L2-level driving assistance. In terms of smart equipment, the configuration is quite rich.

                The entire car seat is also a big highlight, first of all, the color scheme of "Coco Brown Snow Top" can easily create a warmer and more loving family atmosphere in terms of visual effects. The second is the super soft seat surface, which is one step softer than other SUVs of the same brand, which is clearly more about the comfortable design when going home. However, in terms of support, the performance of the entire car seat is average.

                Editor's comment: Functionally, this Song MAX DM-i is more like a family wagon. Therefore, it has the body of an MPV, has a gas wagon-like atmosphere and is filled with fuel and electricity. The DM-i hybrid system with a battery life of more than 1,000 kilometers in the state is uniquely unried, with synchronously upgraded materials and workmanship, which I believe will win the hearts of more consumers.
Byd Song MAX DM-i test drive upgraded seven-seater family car Byd Song MAX DM-i test drive upgraded seven-seater family car Reviewed by Góc chia sẻ 'Of Nhân on February 28, 2022 Rating: 5

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