Maple Leaf 60S, battery-replaceable sedan, officially launches with starting price of $22,090

                 On February 23, Ruilan Auto announced that the company's first battery-able sedan, the Maple Leaf 60S, was officially launched. The new car launches two models, the Easy Edition and the Youxing Edition. The official selling price was 139,800 yuan ($22,090) and 16.98 million yuan, respectively. This model is based on GBRC's global new generation charging and swap module platform.

                It has been reported that, in order to give users a flexible method of buying a car, the new car company has launched two forms of sales: "selling cars" and "selling the body". Consumers can choose the right method of buying a car according to their actual car needs.

                In terms of appearance, the Maple Leaf 60S adopts the Maple Leaf family's design language. The closed front grille and logo of the Maple Leaf product conspicuously show its new identity for battery replacement. The bumper gives people fashionable and avant-garde visual effects, and the smooth lines of the entire car also add a sense of movement. The "60S" logo on the back of the new car is not only the name of its model, but also means that the new car can achieve a quick battery swap time within 60 seconds.

  In terms of interior, the interior of the Maple Leaf 60S uses a courtyard beam-style center console. The design is inspired by the architectural shape of chinese courtyard beams. loudspeaker. The interior seats and door shields of the new car are made of environmentally friendly high-quality cockpit materials to create a fresh cockpit environment that allows you to breathe comfortably.

                The length, width and height of the Maple Leaf 60S are 4730/1804/1530mm, the wheelbase is 2700mm, the rear legroom of the Maple Leaf 60S also reaches 920mm, the trunk is 430L and 17 containers.

                In terms of configuration, Maple Leaf 60S gives users the one-button boot, electronic parking, AUTOHOLD automatic parking, automatic air conditioning, rear wind doors and other configurations; in terms of safety, the car is also equipped with the latest ESP system version 9.3 of Bosch Body Stability System Equipped with ABS anti-lock braking system, EBD electronic braking force allocation system, EBA brake support, BOS brake priority, TCS traction control and other safety protection configurations.

            In terms of power, the Maple Leaf 60S is equipped with an energy battery powered by Guoxuan Hi-Tech, with an NEDC range of up to 415km, a maximum system performance of 94%, maximum torque of 230 Nm and support for three driving modes: ECO/Normal/Sport.

Maple Leaf 60S, battery-replaceable sedan, officially launches with starting price of $22,090  Maple Leaf 60S, battery-replaceable sedan, officially launches with starting price of $22,090 Reviewed by Dang Nhan on February 24, 2022 Rating: 5

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