Morgan Plus Four driver - powerful but unstable

TopGear's car review team gave a sense of how they felt after experiencing the British sports car.

I'm Stephen Dobie, a reporter from TopGear. How do you get the most accurate assessment of the car you're driving? It is to use long enough, move with the car on all roads. And this is also the way for me to evaluate the Morgan Plus Four.

Even though I owned the car after a year and traveled up to 19,000 kilometers, I realized that wasn't enough. So I decided to spend a large amount of money to make the 3,000 km trip, to the Allgäu region of southern Germany with this car.

It's no surprise if Europeans love a Morgan, but it would be crazy to wear only a pair of shorts, sunglasses, a woolly 

Do I love Morgan? Of course I do. After the first week, I had a strong passion for the Plus Four. By the end of December, my fascination with this hand-built sports car from the UK.

Weaknesses in design

One of the annoying points in the Morgan Plus Four's design is that even though the roof is firmly closed, moving in the rain can still get your friend wet. So, with the purchase of this model, I think most Morgan owners simply add to their car collection.

In addition, the seats inside the cabin also do not provide certain comfort when traveling on long distances because it is too thin. To overcome these disadvantages, the British automaker offers more seat options, as well as modifying the fabric hood with a simpler closing/opening mechanism.

According to the manufacturer's announcement, the fuel consumption of the Morgan Plus Four is rated quite good, with 7 liters per 100 km. But this car has a gas tank that is too small, only 25 liters. That means you can only travel 402 kilometers with one refueling on Europe's highways.

Powerful performance but not high stability

Driving this car with the hood open is a worthwhile experience. As a result, I get more attention than the other cars I've ever driven. Impromptu conversations, refreshing smiles, and constant waving from strangers are things I get on this trip.

In terms of performance, the car uses an I4 engine, 2.0L capacity, twin turbocharged developed by BMW, producing 255 horsepower and 400 Nm of torque. With a lighter mass of 1 ton, the Morgan Plus Four can accelerate from 0-100 km/h in 4.8 seconds. The maximum speed of the vehicle is 240 km/h. Thanks to this, this car still possesses strong performance and good traction, helping to give you interesting experiences instead of causing you to panic.

As it moves through majestic passes in the Eifel and Alpine regions, the Morgan Plus Four demonstrates its flexible crab hugging capabilities. Owning Morgan's latest alloy chassis, power steering system with fast response and many other features, you can choose to hug a crab gently or hug a corner at high speed. And of course, the Morgan is more responsive to your needs than ever before.

However, with no aerodynamics, driving this car at 160 km/h on the Autobahn with the hood opened is crazy. Even closing the hood and traveling at 193 km/h, the car still does not have the same stability as other sports cars.

Depending on how you feel, this car still offers a certain satisfaction in possession and steering. The driving experience of morgan plus four seems to be quite similar to motorcycle models rather than cars. That means you should dress like a motorcyclist when driving this car.

Despite the price and performance of the Morgan Plus Four geared towards competing with the Porsche Boxster and Jaguar F-Type, I still feel it's not worth it to spend $70,000 on this car. But the driving experience of this car is not bad either.

Morgan Plus Four driver - powerful but unstable Morgan Plus Four driver - powerful but unstable Reviewed by Góc chia sẻ 'Of Nhân on February 13, 2022 Rating: 5

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