Real-life photos of the new Ford Mondeo ST, the pinnacle of sport


                Not so long ago, Ford's new-generation Mondeo was officially unveiled, just like the EVOS, which was also led by Ford's Chinese design team, which will initially primarily launch in the Chinese market, then will also sell on demand. From different parts of the world. Among them, the expansion of the space of the new car, as well as the large and ultra-wide screen of the car is clearly in line with the needs of Chinese consumers. The ST Line we photographed this time, which is a sporty version, also gives this new car more youthful elements.

                 On the outside, the ST Line uses all-black elements, combined with hot red, which brings a lot of emotion. Among them, China Net continues to type a 3D ratio grille, at the beginning of the warm-up, the grille can rotate the breath, quite ceremonial. Headlights use a split design, daytime lights use a three-tier type, with a technological nature.

                The side of the new Mondeo adopts a two-color design with a black roof, which is very much in line with current trends. The hood and hood at the back also have a similar design to fastback, integrated and full of sport. Its wheelbase, like the EVOS, is 2945mm, which can almost reach the level of the B+ segment sedan.

                The center applies a two-color air knife design with a red grip, which is very suitable for the aesthetics of young people. The tire size is 235/45 R19 using hankook Vantus S1 evo3, which is also a sporty tire with good performance.

                The rear of the car looks very heavy, the LED strip inside the taillight also bounces back the headlights, creating a distinctly hierarchic feeling. The ST Line model has a black rear spoiler at the top, and a black diffuser at the bottom of the bumper, which adds sportyness to the car.

                In terms of interior, the new Mondeo still uses a 1.1 m long screen. However, in the interior design section, a full black background is used and red decorative strips are used for side air conditioning doors, extending to the sides of the doors. And the passenger seat also has an ST Line embroidery line, which makes the interior also full of sporty atmosphere.

                The steering wheel of the new Mondeo is also very sporty, designing a flat bottom and two thin spokes underneath, looking a bit like an old American muscle car.

                The device uses a 12.3-inch screen, and the car's large screen is a 27-inch 4K display, which connects from the middle of the center console to co-drivers using Ford's new SYNC+ system.

                The saddle is made from stitching and red trim, the seat surface is made of suede. Its sporty design also has a sturdier outer layer, and the overall comfort of the chair is also very good.

                The rear seats are also made of the same material, the backrest angle and the firmness of the seat surface are very suitable, the ride is very comfortable, the legroom is also extremely spacious.

                In terms of power, the new Mondeo ST Line will be powered by a 2.0T engine with a maximum power of 238 hp and a maximum torque of 376N m, combined with an 8-speed manual transmission and suspension using the front MacPherson. Multi-link form.

Although Ford's new Mondeo ST Line offers a full sense of movement, the 1.1-meter super-large screen system on the car and just enough interior space are not available in currently competitive products, and its advantages are clear. At the same time, the 2.0T power it delivers has excellent performance on the Ford EVOS, and it can also deliver enough sporty when driving realistically. I believe this new car can really appeal to more younger consumers.

Real-life photos of the new Ford Mondeo ST, the pinnacle of sport Real-life photos of the new Ford Mondeo ST, the pinnacle of sport Reviewed by Góc chia sẻ 'Of Nhân on February 28, 2022 Rating: 5

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