The experience of ice and snow with the Nissan X-Trail is simple


       · The annual ice and snow test drive has become the grand finale of major automotive brands at the end of the year, galloping in the world of ice and snow. This year, due to the epidemic, many brands did not hold the test sessions as planned, but in the end, everything had to come. Also learn how to improve safety while driving on runways and snow. 

                 Being a northerner is definitely not new, but after seeing the snow in Peonyu Giang, I realized that the snow here is real snow, at first glance it is very enchanting. During this event, we'll experience the all-new Tule, Tuda, Loulan, and X-Trail that have dominated the sales charts for years. At the same time, the event also establishes projects such as snow mountain crossings, comprehensive runs and Figure 8 icebergs to challenge the limits of vehicles.

                Before officially starting the experience, I will share a few words about winter driving tips, which will be useful for those who do not know.
Because the inside of the car is hot, the sole of the shoe when getting off the car will be covered with snow water, the sole of the shoe after a few walks will be very slippery.
Turning on the air conditioner to maintain a reasonable temperature in the car, while opening the rear window for heating, especially for SUVs, can better melt the snow and ensure visibility.

It is not recommended to accelerate suddenly and brake quickly, as this will give rise to snow pits and snow trenches going under the tire, which is not conducive to restarting the vehicle.
Avoid steering at a large angle, which will increase the car's ability to lose control. In addition, the use of snow tires is also a means of increasing safety and direct handling.
This time, Dongfeng Nissan has prepared all-season tires, snow tires and stud tires that help drive on plain ice to improve the performance and handling of the vehicle.

                The new X-Trail of the seeded player is the most impressive

As Dongfeng Nissan's most comprehensive SUV, the X-Trail has attracted a lot of user interest since entering the domestic market in 2006. From first climbing Antarctica in 2008, climbing Mount Everest in 2011, landing in the Arctic in 2021 and crossing 47° North latitude in 2020, the performance and reliability of the X-Trail has been tested by nature. And time. The arrival also makes the Nissan SUV family stronger.

                Compared to the old model, the new X-Trail has a younger appearance, suitable for the aesthetics of today's youth, while retaining the stable and elegant appearance of the Nissan SUV. The new interior is also very clear in terms of technology and high-end feel. What we experienced this time was an all-new all-wheel-drive X-Trail, powered by a variable compression ratio VC-Turbo 1.5T engine, even more powerful than the previous generation's 2.5L power.

                Not only was the engine upgraded but also equipped with a new generation CVT gearbox codenamed UK33 in terms of drive, its speed ratio range was increased from the original 7:1 to 8.2:1 and can be emulating 8 gears, whether it's powertraining or improved Optimal Wheel Control. At the same time, it is also combined with the 2nd generation 4X4-i intelligent four-wheel drive system. This time, the project of crossing the forest can be successfully completed, indispensable this system.

                    Crossing the Jingbo Lake Primary Forest

        It is said that ice and snow test driving is fun but also has a certain level of danger, the skillful skills and excellent performance of the car often turn danger into safety, giving you a thrilling and exciting ice and snow experience. The first subject we experienced was the challenge, walking through a primeval forest. The new X-Trail offers a total of 5 driving modes. Adjust the driving mode when traveling in the snow and turn on the four-wheel drive when crossing. We can clearly observe the torque distribution of the wheels at this point on the device can be sure of it.

                The new X-Trail uses a smart dynamic center differential with faster direct coupling and a seamless switch between two- and four-wheel drive. The B-LSD electronic differential lock can effectively control the loadless running of the wheels and transmit force to the wheels adhesion. Get out of trouble.


            After rolling there will be many stretch marks on the road, the ground below is relatively soft, if speeding will be swayed from side to side, at this time it is necessary to stabilize the direction and use the Body Stabilization System in cooperation with the steering wheel to resist swaying.

                Former off-road players say that a light car is a treasure, and it is easier to prepare a lighter car in an accident. The new X-Trail uses a semi-aluminum body structure, a large area of strong aluminum used to reduce weight, while enhancing the rigidity of the bodywork.

                    Fly across the glacial lake to feel the "out of control" fun

        After going through the primeval forest crossing, I think you've definitely understood the passing capabilities of the new X-Trail. After that, we will continue on the ice to experience its stability.

                Because the SUV has a higher chassis and longer suspension, it is difficult to control the drift action. Two themes of ice drift and a comprehensive track experience are both completed by the new X-Trail. After all, users who own this car will have more use circumstances and more complex road conditions, which now proves the handling of the new X-Trail.

                Drift operation no. 8 is very simple that is circled in the shape of the number 8 according to the prescribed roadmap. It may sound simple, but it's actually quite difficult to get the car around quickly and steadily. Driving on ice using stud tires has better grip, and at the same time, coaches discourage turning off the ESP body stability system, one is afraid of the car losing control, the other is to experience the speed and power of the new X-Trail when the electronic system is involved.

                Pedal the gas pedal properly at the start and swipe left or right in the direction of the vehicle's center of gravity to shift the vehicle's focus. Just touch the gas pedal, lightly fix the steering wheel and basically the car can drift. When the body is deflected at a large angle, the body stabilization system will intervene to help you disconnect the power and adjust the body with the right torque, very fast intervention speed and very accurate time. It's done before you know it.

                If you want to buy time to keep the vehicle's momentum during the slide and not slip, avoid strongly adjusting the steering wheel, do not use the brake pedal to control the speed but should use the accelerator to control and recommend the use of sport mode. , if you consider yourself technically OK, then the use of manual gearbox mode will make the output power smoother and easier to control.

                After finding a sense of compensatoryness in turn 8, we moved to the synthetic track area to complete the last sport of the day, the "Running Time Test". The rules of the game are simple. Who can complete the 2.2 km ice and snow track at the fastest speed?, who is the winner today. This is also a comprehensive test of the performance of the new X-Trail, because on the track there will be bends with different angles and bumpy roads, which is a good opportunity to fully experience the chassis and suspension.

                We've learned about the hardness of the new X-Trail bodywork through this theme, and the suspension upgrade is also a highlight of this new car. The rear stand-up suspension was upgraded from the original three-link to the four-link of the same model in Loulan, and uses dual piston FRD valve shock absorbers, which greatly improves vehicle comfort on bumpy roads. At the same time, inhibiting body rolls will also get better.

                The aluminum lower lever will reduce the volume of non-splintering, so the inertial bounce force caused by the wheel's dam when crossing the hard snow line will decrease and the grip of the wheel to the ground will naturally increase significantly. Equipped with the VMC intelligent body movement control system, torque can be applied to each of the four wheels to avoid slippage and transition. As an experience, I did not turn off any electronic safety devices, closer to the daily usage scenario of the user, after a few laps, I was personally very satisfied with the performance of the new X-Trail.

                In this ice and snow experience, the performance of the new X-Trail can be said to be very bright, from forest ice to ice skating on the ice, the new X-Trail has successfully completed the task, showing strong comprehensive. In fact, this alone, the advantages of the new X-Trail in the same class models are already very clear.

Of course, apart from the new X-Trail, the overall strength of the Dongfeng Nissan SUV family should not be underestimated. This event not only demonstrates the strength of the brand but also adds valuable experience to safe driving in the winter, if given the opportunity then must be experienced, I believe you will gain a lot.

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