UK - 2022 Jeep Compass S 4xe plug-in hybrid

            The new Jeep Compass marks a major step forward in the importance of the historic Jeep brand worldwide and especially in Europe. Developed for Europe, thanks to enhanced finishing quality and advanced onboard technology, the new Compass also introduces new features that take it to a higher level both in terms of design, safety, technology and functionality. 

                The new model has a strong aesthetic, enhanced by a refined and distinctive style – remaining true to the brand's style signs, enhancing driving dynamics as well as safety and more sophisticated connectivity. All of this has been crowned thanks to the famous Jeep 4 × 4 capability, a feature honed for more than 80 years leading the field of off-the-terrain driving, in the name of the brand's statement: 'Go anywhere, do anything'.

                When it launched its first-generation in 2017, the Jeep Compass marked the brand's return to the C-SUV segment and was the first Jeep specifically designed for global sales. This laid a solid foundation for the success of this model: since its European debut, Jeep's small SUV has been the leader in the brand's commercial performance and accounted for more than 40% of sales, confirming its position as one of the most popular models. Jeep models of European customers.

                The exterior of the new Jeep Compass has a new look with a more modern, refined design, perfectly suited to its urban characteristics. The changes are mostly at the front, now with a wider, sportier appearance, achieved using style elements that highlight the width of the car and the presence on the road.

                The designers improved the look of the legendary Jeep grille, elevating the vertical position and dividing it into two horizontal sections. It integrates all-new LED headlights with a thinner, sleeker configuration (standard across the range). Daytime running lights (DRLs) - which are now marked with a subtle stretching form - have also been repositioned and are now integrated into the main headlights. The lower opening and slide plate are also wider and more noticeable.

                Key new features include full-LED daytime lights, high lights, low lighting and fog lights that improve vehicle efficiency and safety. Thanks to the new front lighting system, the brightness is increased to about 100% compared to xenon headlights, which improves the sense of depth and lateral light.

                               Power for a Jeep Compass SUV

                We tested the plug-in hybrid (4xe) version, which uses the 1.3-liter engine of the gasoline version along with an electric motor. The engine powers the front wheels and the engine for the rear wheels, allowing all-wheel drive when both are running. The combined power is 240 hp, which you think is enough, but on the Compass it feels weak, less power to overtake or accelerate on the slide. Based on this experience, we'll risk the 130-horsepower gasoline-only version that should probably be avoided, unless you prefer to live in a slow lane. 4xe gives you the choice of powering only, only gasoline or combination.

But it has a small fuel tank, which means the maximum combined range you'll get with a full tank and fully charged battery is less than 300 miles. Not great in a family car built for long journeys. On the positive side, we've put the Compass 4xe off-roading into a course that will take Land Rover past its steps, and it's not desirable. It has incredible undercarriage at the front and rear, good wading depth and excellent downhill control down some extreme muddy banks, braking individual wheels at cow turtle speed. Close your eyes and you can be in a Guard, that's the real compliment.

                                  Safety for a Jeep Compass SUV

                From 2022, the Compass comes with a Highway Assistance System, which combines active cruise control and lane-centering, giving you the ability to drive semi-autonomously, just like Tesla Autopilot. You still need to prove that you retain control of the vehicle through a steering wheel handle. You can now identify traffic signs, detect drowsy drivers, intelligent speed support and emergency braking for pedestrians and cyclists equipped as standard. Reversing cameras are also standard, while 360-degree cameras are an option. Front, side airbags and curtains are standard.

                While the base trim doesn't have a huge digital instrument cluster on the cars, it does include a new infotubation system that helps upgrade the interior, which is truly spacious in the way of all good American SUVs thanks to its myriad of lights and plenty of legroom and space. Some buttons and functions are cumbersome and certainly not on par with the interiors of Land Rover, Volvo or Audi, which makes the price of the Compass seem a bit expensive. But the dashboard has been redesigned to make it more streamlined and intelligent, while also having significantly more storage space at the front.

                "The new infotubation system perfects the interior, which is really spacious in the way of all good American SUVs."

                There are four trim levels: Nighteagle, Limited, S and Trailhawk. A new 'Uconnect' infotainment system means the Compass has a rich sat-nav, which is the first time there's been on a Jeep – rejoice. It's really a game changer if you're remotely bothered by technology, which many people buy today. Mirroring wireless smartphones with Apple and Android phones is also standard, which is generous. You also get Amazon Alexa and can say 'Hey Jeep' to access certain functions like searching nearby restaurants. A hybrid user button allows drivers to save battery until they need to switch to electricity, as when entering low-emission zones or terrain roads, where the electric motor will provide traction to the rear wheels, turning the Compass into a true 4x4.

                The 4xe models are also ideal cars to drive in the city thanks to plug-in hybrid technology, which provides zero-emission mobility in fully electric mode, with a range of about 30 miles (WLTP cycle), depending on the version. On longer distances, with internal combustion engines, the average CO2 emissions are between 44 and 47 g/km in hybrid mode (WLTP cycle) depending on the version, while in the case of prolonged off-road driving, two electric motors featuring Powerloop ensure that eAWD traction is always available for you to join the adventure. harsh.

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