Wuling Capgemini 280T new upgrades for the car feel good driving


                Be the first to test drive wuling capgemini as a mid-to-high-end MPV product. It mainly emphasizes the 4-seat layout, offers ample space and great comfort, and has been widely recognized by users. It's just that the power supply of 1.5T with CVT is not very strong, although sitting in the car is very comfortable but still a little difficult to overtake. Today, Wuling Capgemini has added two new configurations, the maximum power of the 1.5T version is raised to 177 hp, the driving experience is also improved to a higher level.

                In terms of appearance, the Wuling Capgemini 280T has not changed, continuing the original design. The split headlights look full of technology, the lines on the bodywork are plump and thick.

                In terms of body size, length, width, height is 4875/1880/1700mm, wheelbase is 2800mm, which has a pronounced size advantage over models of the same price.

                The rear design has a clear hierarchical feel and looks very heavy, and the suspended roof is formed by connecting the side window and the rear window looks full of technology. In short, in terms of appearance, Wuling Capgemini has indeed created a sense of just enough visual class.

                In terms of interior, Wuling Capgemini continues the layout of the current model, the all-black interior looks very sporty, the piano paint arrays are used on a large area, looks also more technological and classy.

                The main upgrade in the car is a 10.25-inch floating touch screen equipped with Lingxi's operating system, the UI design is much more beautiful, while significantly improving intelligent voice interaction, which can continuously recognize conversations. The system also has applet. Applet is very practically integrated.

                The front driver's seat supports six-way adjustment and has a heating function. The seat cushions and back of the chair are very smooth and comfortable.

                The second seat is the focal point of this car. This set of seats can move not only forward and backward, but can also move to the sides to leave enough aisles in the middle for easy access.

                Both seats have independent armrests and also adjustable legroom, when the third row seats are empty, it can slide backwards and bring the reclining seat back, which is truly comfortable on par with business class aircraft.

                The third row space is not the main highlight for this car, but the head space is still very enough, leaving the legs a bit cramped but also enough to handle some emergencies.

                When the third row of seats is opened, the luggage compartment will form a huge groove underneath to facilitate the diversion of more luggage, this design is similar to the Toyota Senna, which greatly improves the utilization of interior space.

                However, to take care of the luggage compartment space, spare tires are placed behind the front seats, but the disassembly process will actually take a bit of work.

                In terms of power, the new 1.5T engine has a maximum power of 177 hp and a maximum torque of 290N m. Data performance has been able to match high-powered models of the same mass. The transmission system uses a simulated number 8. - CVT speed.

                As I test-drove the old Capgemini, the perception of the new power upgrade is really clear. In particular, the dynamic response to a low-speed start is very positive, even slightly backwards, especially in the city, which will be more comfortable and pleasant.

                However, due to the limitation of the structure of the CVT gearbox itself is to wait for acceleration when accelerating at medium and high speeds, although the reaction is not very sensitive, the power reserve capacity is very sufficient, and exceeds. it is easy to complete the action by pressing the accelerator deep. Of course, I'm not in favor of adjusting the power of this car too much, after all as an MPV, its comfort comes first. Therefore, this high-powered motor has really found a satisfactory balance in the adjustment. At the same time, the new car also offers S-block mode, and the response to the accelerator will be more active at the speed range.

                In terms of driving feel, Capgemini retains its premium, soft suspension, good ability to filter collisions, does not make people feel stiff in the face of major decapitation obstacles, of course it will also come. by a few times shaking excess. Nvh of the whole car also has very good performance, in addition to increasing the speed when overtaking, more noise will transmit into the car. But in terms of road noise, wind noise and vibration isolation, Capgemini has achieved very good levels in this segment.

                The steering wheel is a bit hollow, but it's still relatively easy to get used to. At the big bend of the highway, the rolling force of the body can also be effectively suppressed, both creating a sense of stability when driving at high speed, and can make the driver feel safer when driving.

                Bottomcap: From wuling capgemini's upgrade, the car maintains its unique position. It has the best second-row sitting experience for the same price, space and comfort that can be effectively guaranteed. The new Ling OS car system and power improvements are the freezing factor and make up for previous regrets about energy efficiency. The low-power 1.5T model will continue to be offered as a low-profile model in the future, after all, as an MPV, power doesn't really matter but it can still give consumers more choice.

Wuling Capgemini 280T new upgrades for the car feel good driving Wuling Capgemini 280T new upgrades for the car feel good driving Reviewed by Dang Nhan on February 24, 2022 Rating: 5

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