Euler Ballet Cat, a car exclusively for women

                "I hope Ora Ballet Cat is a respectful girlfriend who understands women's needs, understands women's feelings, and understands their longing and longing to live." Ora Ballet Cat's product manager described the Ballet Cat's evolving concept.

                In the automotive market, most models are based on masculine or neutral aesthetics, very few brands are willing to give up the huge male market, purely from the perspective of women, psychology and female physiology that tailor-made products.

                However, Chinese women are emerging as a force that cannot be ignored, according to statistics, the population of women aged 20 to 60 in China has exceeded 400 million, and the size of the women's consumer market Chinese women amount to 10 trillion.

                Women have taken on so many roles in this society, they are themselves, as daughters, wives, mothers and pillars of the workplace. Their needs are really different from men's. From this point of view, it makes sense to build a car for women.

                As ORA's first female car, the ORA Ballet Cat formed an all-female research team at the start of the vehicle's construction to conduct in-depth research into the diverse needs of women and young people. car use situations, polish carefully and create a completely different group of cars. "Women-only travel solutions" in the past. The Euler Ballet cat is not the most comfortable and intelligent, but an All in and a car exclusively for women. "

                Euler Ballet applies the aesthetic concept of "elegant innovation", bringing out the beauty of arcs that accentuate the feminine curves of women.

                All models of the Ballerina line adopt Morandi tones with low saturation, giving the wearer a feeling of lightness and elegance, elegance, suitable for the gentle beauty of women.

                Regarding the details on the car, Ora Ballet Cat has customized designs according to the appearance characteristics of the female driver. According to the characteristics of women's shoulder width and palm size, a women-specific steering wheel with a diameter of 370mm has been developed to reduce female users' hand fatigue while driving. At the same time, combined with the width of the woman's back, the narrow backrest is carefully designed to suit the female's sitting posture, capable of firmly hugging, helping to reduce driving fatigue. of women.

                All functions are for the scene, such as getting in the car in the morning and turning on the makeup mirror; When driving on the road, turn on "Lady Mode" to automatically identify complex road conditions and enjoy a light, free feeling. control; in bad weather, turn on "Lady Mode" "Ride the Wind and Waves", windows, headlights, wipers, air conditioning, etc. synchronously linked to improve driving safety; Once you're a mom, turn on the kids mode designed specifically for baby scenes...

                With the launch of Ora Ballet Cat, Ora became more and more attached to the women's label. As a production car, will this bold market strategy succeed? How likely are women to indulge a purely female preference when buying a consumable item like a car?

                There is also a ballet cat that has an overly feminine temperament, to be precise, it is aimed at very young women, i.e. a fraction of the aesthetic preferences of women of a certain age. How much sales can this part of the demand support? Or is Euler covering all women with a matrix of products with different temperaments? Ora Ballet Cat Tasting Salon said Ora Ballet Cat will accelerate the listing process. We're looking forward to pricing and performance announcements after listing, when all the answers will be revealed.


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