Geely released the official interior images of its upcoming Binrui COOL - Car Blog - New sporty sedan with 181 PS and 7DCT; price of around 79,800 yuan ( $12.538 )

        Geely released the official interior images of its upcoming Binrui COOL, built based on Geely’s global B-segment Modular Architecture. The Binrui Cool is a sedan-coupe targeting the young and fashionable audience based on Geely’s newest design style, “Racing Storm.” It is expected to be officially launched in the first half of this year, starting at 79,800 RMB or 12,600 USD

        The design philosophy for the new model is called “Racing Storm,” and as you can see, Geely was aiming for maximum aggression. At the front, the convoluted bumper has no shortage of slats and faux vents that emphasise the vehicle’s width, accompanied by a bonnet that bears five prominent creases.

        Meanwhile, the slim upper grille is flanked by sharp headlamps that have a triple-dash daytime running light signature like the latest Emgrand. You’ll also notice the grille has an “F” badge on it, and that’s because the Binrui Cool is a sportier version of the Binrui F Sport

        Along the sides is where the resemblance to the Binrui, with notable cues being the swooping roofline crease lines over the front wheels and through the door handles leading to the rear taillights. Brightly painted brake calipers and finned side skirts are another reminder that this is the cooler Binrui, as do the 17-inch black wheels in a dual-star spoke pattern.

        To complement the striking front end, the rear gets a big spoiler, while further down, there are corner outlets and dual oval-shaped exhausts that sandwich a diffuser-like element. Unlike the normal Binrui, the Cool’s taillights have been reshaped and come with a dual-bar lighting signature the is bridged by a trim piece with the Geely script.

Binrui COOL interior revealed

        The interior echoes the ‘cool’ appearance at a high level, as shown in its name. The cockpit adopts an enveloping design so that all information and controls are at the driver’s fingertips.

        The center console is a carbon fiber-like material complemented by a metallic chrome strip leading directly to the mobile phone charging compartment under the central control screen. The gear lever has been upgraded to a racing, electronic gear lever. Other interior configurations included the 72-color streamer ambient lights and rear exhaust vents.

        A 10.25-inch full LCD instrument cluster and a 12.3-inch central control screen are on the instrument panel.

Binrui COOL High performance engine

        The 1.5TD engine equipped on the new car uses a 350Bar high pressure direct injection system, with a combustion speed of less than 0.01 seconds, complete combustion, precise oil control and excellent injection effect. great; equipped with a small inertia electronically controlled supercharger, overall inertia is small, stroke is short, speed is fast, delay, lower, torque can reach 255N m within 1.97 seconds when accelerating engine speed 1500 rpm;

        Super-speed power management system SPM, ECU comprehensively consider the driver's needs and wheel torque, and accurately judge power demand, the system calculates completely accurately, Faster power demand recovery and more efficient power transmission.

General perception

        Looking back at the previously revealed exterior design, the new car adopts the latest family "storm racing" design language. The front grille is thinner and narrower, and the F-sports logo inside is more recognizable based on the design continuation of the previous generation. The two red "fans" inside the large air intake grille are adorned, very cool.

        The new car is positioned as the "new power national coupe" Binrui COOL, making young consumers "affordable and comfortable to use". Under the support of Geely Jinqing's 1.5TD high-performance electrical system, Binrui COOL, with a start-up response of 0.2 seconds, will provide users with a good sports experience with its tall appearance and strong power. strong.


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