Experience Volkswagen Teramont on Tay Nguyen Vietnam road


                Volkswagen Teramont's 2.0L engine block is not exhausted when traveling on steep roads. The smooth suspension system is more suitable for flat roads.

                When it was just introduced, many people were skeptical about the performance of Volkswagen Teramont, this 7-seater SUV weighs more than 2 tons but is only equipped with a turbocharged 2.0L engine. Volkswagen Teramont is the latest product of Volkswagen in Vietnam, this can be like a replacement for Touareg.

                I have just had the opportunity to experience the route HCMC - Dak Lak with Teramont. Driving a large SUV from the plains to the highlands makes it easy for me to recognize the advantages and disadvantages of this model.

Spacious design, simple interior

                The Volkswagen Teramont is the brand's largest SUV. The overall dimensions of 5,097 x 1,990 x 1,777 mm (length x width x height) provide a bunker and ensure that all seating positions inside are spacious.

            Outside of the car, the Teramont is like a large SUV with definitive lines shown throughout from the front to the rear, accompanied by large 20-inch wheels.

                  Referring to 7-seat SUV, many people are interested in the last row. The third row of seats on the Teramont made me quite surprised about the comfort. I am 1.75 m tall, when sitting in this row, my head still does not touch the ceiling, if I push the middle row back as far as possible, my knees will only touch a little.

                Volkswagen equips this position with cupholders on both sides, but the charging port is only on the left. What I like most about this row of seats is that the air-conditioning vent is located in column C instead of above the ceiling like many other models, avoiding the situation where the wind blows from the top to the bottom.

                With a width of nearly 2,000 mm, the middle row space is spacious enough for 3 adults. This location is equipped with air-conditioning vents, sunshades, Type-C charging port... If Teramont has 2 more screens attached to the headrests for this area, the experience is for the middle row passengers. will be better.

                The space in front of the cockpit is designed by Volkswagen according to the philosophy of a European model: Modern but simple. The dashboard is in a symmetrical style with an 8-inch entertainment screen in the center, which is quite small compared to many recently launched models. The highlight of this screen is the ability to control gestures which are quite interesting, although it seems that it will rarely be used daily.

                The steering wheel of Teramont is not covered with leather, this detail is somewhat not commensurate with the price of more than 2 billion. In return, the design of the D-Cut steering wheel gives a sporty driving feeling, in addition, it also integrates many buttons related to automatic throttle control, sound system ...

The engine is not exhausted when running on the pass

                Leaving Ho Chi Minh City by highway Ho Chi Minh City - Long Thanh - Dau Giay, the car was quickly pushed to a speed of 120 km/h. Teramont's soundproofing ability when running on the highway is quite good, sitting in the driver's seat only hears very little echoes from the tires as well as from the outside into the cabin.

                At 120 km/h, the engine rpm reaches about 2,000 rpm, which is quite good for a large SUV using a 2.0L engine. The suspension of Teramont is set by Volkswagen in a soft direction instead of as stiff as the "junior" Tiguan, creating a comfortable feeling when moving through speed bumps or obstacles on the road.

                To get to Dak Lak, we chose the Con O pass to test Teramont's ability to operate on winding steep passes. Quite surprising that the 2.0L turbocharged engine gives quite good response. Every time you step on the gas pedal deeply to accelerate, the 8-speed simulator does not take too long to shift gears and push the engine rpm up.

                Volkswagen's 4Motion 4-wheel drive system was tested by me on gravel roads as well as rough red dirt roads. This system works quite well, I tried sudden acceleration but still can hardly hear the tire slide.

                The minus point when driving the Teramont comes from the lack of gearshift paddles behind the steering wheel, which is quite inconvenient every time I switch to driving mode S. In addition, the suspension is biased towards smoothness that makes the occupants comfortable. Inside, there is a feeling of floating when you have to steer continuously on the pass.

                After the journey, the actual mixed fuel consumption of the vehicle was recorded at 10.7 l/100 km, not too different from the figure given by the company. Although the turbocharged 2.0L engine block is small, it is still enough to meet the trips into mountainous and rugged terrain, of course not too off-road.

                The large size provides a comfortable space in the cockpit, but this makes controlling the car on narrow roads, many motorbikes make it a bit difficult for me. Teramont sold in Vietnam is not equipped with a panoramic camera, but the front and rear sensor system also helps me a lot.


                Volkswagen Teramont is suitable for customers who are looking for a large SUV with a design that is not too flashy, but instead is a simple car but still meets the needs of daily travel.

                Teramont, like many other Volkswagen models in Vietnam, has a clear "German" quality when compared to Korean or Japanese cars. European origin makes the car price quite high, in return for the advantages of chassis, engine and soundproofing, while technology and equipment are not too outstanding.

                The price of 2,349 billion VND will make many people consider between Volkswagen Teramont and Ford Explorer being sold for 2,366 billion VND. Both models are imported from the US, the overall dimensions are not too different from each other. In terms of design, the Ford Explorer is slightly better than the Teramont, while for those who like European cars, the Volkswagen model deserves a test drive before making a decision.              

Experience Volkswagen Teramont on Tay Nguyen Vietnam road Experience Volkswagen Teramont on Tay Nguyen Vietnam road Reviewed by Dang Nhan on March 01, 2022 Rating: 5

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