New generation Ford Everest launched


                The new generation Ford Everest has just been launched globally with 3 versions Sport, Titanium + and Platinum.

                On March 1, the new generation Ford Everest was launched globally with comprehensive changes from appearance, interior, safety equipment to engine. Depending on the market, Everest will have different engine options, including a new turbocharged 3.0L V6 diesel engine and a turbocharged 2.0L diesel engine. Starting in 2023, some markets will get the 2.3L EcoBoost petrol engine.

                The car was launched with 3 versions including Sport, Titanium + and the most advanced Platinum. Depending on the market, Ford will introduce other versions to suit the tastes of users. The specific price of this model will be announced on the official opening date.

                In the new generation, Ford Everest has increased the wheelbase and wheelbase by 50 mm. It can be seen that the front end of the new Ford Everest is similar to the Ford Ranger T6 pickup that was launched not long ago.

                The car carries Ford's global design DNA with C-shaped lights at the front, and a large horizontal bar on the grille. The design lines at the front of the car are mainly horizontal and vertical along with blocky details, giving the car a sturdy and superficial appearance.

                Seen from the sides, embossed ribs run along the body, the larger wheelbase helps to expand the wheel arches, creating strength and muscle for the overall design. Behind, the LED taillights with new textures look more modern than the "predecessor" model.

                The most noticeable changes of the new generation Ford Everest are in the cabin, with a modern layout and more advanced materials. The sense of spaciousness in the Everest interior is enhanced by the wide, horizontally elongated dashboard design. The front row of seats has 2 more cup holders that can be opened / closed when needed.

                High-end versions are equipped with a wireless phone charger, a leather-wrapped electronic gear lever and an electronic handbrake feature. 10-way power driver's seat with heating, cooling and seat position memory. Meanwhile, 8-way electric passenger seats. Depending on the version, the second row of seats is also equipped with heating.

                Access to the third row of seats is also easier, thanks to the fact that the second row can slide further forward. The last row of seats also has charging slots. Ford has prioritized the flexibility of the rows of seats on the new Everest, the second row of seats can be folded 60:40. With a 7-seat design, the 3rd row can be folded 50:50 via a button (on high versions). Both the 2nd and 3rd row seats can be folded flat, allowing for increased luggage space.

                To prevent items from falling out of the car when the tailgate is opened, the new Ford Everest has a small ledge at the end of the luggage compartment. Under the floor of the car has also been added storage niches to help the luggage compartment more tidy.

                Depending on the version, Ford Everest 2023 will be equipped with an 8- or 12.4-inch electronic central screen, replacing the traditional mechanical instrument cluster, a vertical high-resolution touchscreen entertainment screen, with 10.1 or 12 inch size, comes with the latest SYNC 4A operating system. Other notable amenities on the Ford Everest 2023 include a 360-degree camera, a split-screen feature to display a variety of content.

                In addition, the car also has a built-in wireless connection modem, allowing users to connect to the Everest vehicle through the FordPass application. This application will enhance the customer's ownership experience with features such as remote ignition, vehicle condition check, remote door opening/locking via mobile device.

                In terms of engines, the most notable change is that the new Ford Everest is added with the option of a turbocharged 3.0L V6 diesel engine, which provides more power and torque. In addition, the car also has 2.3L EcoBoost petrol engine versions and two 2.0L diesel engine options, which come with a 6-speed automatic transmission or a 10-speed SelectShift automatic transmission.

                The specific performance of these engines has not been announced yet. In the US market, the 3.0L V6 engine block equipped on the Ford F-150 model has a capacity of about 250 horsepower, maximum torque of 597 Nm.

                In the new generation, Ford Everest also has improved off-road capabilities thanks to 4-wheel drive systems, undercarriage protection and off-road driving modes. Besides, there is a rear differential lock, two front tow hooks and a series of standby power switches (to connect to accessories) placed high on the driver's head to make manipulation easier.

                Two 4-wheel drive system options include an electronic transmission with the function of shifting the bridge as soon as the vehicle is in motion, this gearbox is also known as the part-time 4x4, along with the all-wheel drive system. Time is controlled by a 2-speed auxiliary transmission (EMTC) and driving modes. Depending on the market, Everest is also available with a single-wheel drive version.

                The new Everest is capable of wading up to 800 mm of water, with the ability to tow trailers up to 3,500 kg. The engine compartment also has extra space to allow the car owner to equip an additional battery pack.

                In terms of safety and driver assistance features, this SUV is equipped with an automatic parking assist system 2.0, adaptive cruise control, lane keeping assist and lane departure warning, and sign recognition. traffic, steering assist to avoid collisions, brake assist when reversing, blind spot warning, collision warning at intersections when a vehicle crosses.

                In terms of passive safety equipment, the car has an additional airbag placed between the driver and front passenger, enhancing protection in case of collisions from both sides, depending on each market, Ford Everest will have up to 9 air bag.

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