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        Hodangnhan.com - GAC Trumpchi officially released its new EMKOO small SUV, whose Chinese name is "Yingku" and unique dual hybrid technology developed through open cooperation and independent research and development after 13 years of accumulation. technology.

        As a strategic heavyweight that brings together GAC Group's global R&D resources, EMKOO has the same technological pioneer shape as a concept car and is built on top of the GPMA architecture. . In addition, this vehicle also offers three powertrains for consumers to choose from, including GAC Trumpchi's latest hybrid technology, "Julang Hybrid". It is expected that this car will be launched in international markets such as Southeast Asia and the Middle East in 2023.

        Overall, EMKOO resembles a future mechanical spaceship, with a very new shape. This is mainly because it adopts GAC Trumpchi's new technological-industrial aesthetic design concept and makes the EMKOO a technological vehicle that leads its time and leaps into the future, continuing to lead the way. top design trends.

        In particular, the most complex shape is in the front of the car. The front grille uses a V-shaped banner design with 12 left and right sides for a total of 24 and inlaid with simple futuristic colored tungsten steel trim strips.

        To accentuate the front grille, EMKOO's headlight design adopts a Y-shaped design and advanced modular technology that enables daytime running lights, position lights, high beams, lights. low light and turn signal are integrated simultaneously on the matrix module. , making the lights sharper, more eye-catching and more recognizable.

        On the side of the car, the embossed front and back ribs make the overall car look more aggressive. collaborated with the same boomerang The styling of the taillights shows off its tough side. As a future-oriented car, the hidden door handle with the ability to reduce wind resistance is of course not absent.

        Whether it's the angled taillights, the polygonal exhaust port or the exaggerated large rear spoiler at the rear of the body, it all makes people feel like they come from parts of the Gundam Mecha Warrior cartoon, which is also in tune with the its overall. Design style, make it more popular with young people.

2022 GAC Trumpchi EMKOO -- Interior

        The combined layout such as the new three-spoke steering wheel, LCD clock and large central control screen make the interior a bit more "conservative" than the appearance, but if you pay close attention, you will see a lot more. small surprise. For example, the scroll-shaped center console is derived from the iconic element "circle" which means "wholeness and perfection" in Eastern culture including functions such as rotating vents, buttons Intelligent temperature regulation and atmospheric lights.

        The large screen at the top is like a picture slowly unfolding from a scroll, definitely a perfect combination of technology and oriental elements. At the same time, the ADiGO smart driving connected ecosystem powered by the industry-leading Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chip also ensures an immersive intelligent interactive experience for vehicle occupants.

        Beneath the central air-conditioning, EMKOO adopts the form of electronic gearshift paddles on the Trumpchi for the first time, repeating the ball-head design of the previous generation, which is certainly more ergonomic and more convenient to operate.

        The seat of the whole car is an aviation seat derived from the uniform design of the spaceship navigator in the sci-fi movie, which not only looks good and sits, but is also very wrapped. Notably, the shoulder-style "Yamaha" surround sound field sound system is inspired by the headsets worn around the neck on either side of the front seats of Shadow Cool. Good surround sound experience and privacy, can certainly please more younger users. love listening to music.

        About power: EMKOO provides users with 3 power combinations, which is a high-performance 2.0ATK Atkinson engine with more power and higher fuel economy + a hybrid engine of an electromechanical coupling system. Second generation GMC 2.0 and high purity fuel.

        EMKOO is the first SUV equipped with the Julang Hybrid GMC 2.0 system, based on Green Engine technology, creating a comprehensive, fuel-efficient, quiet and smooth user experience with its world-class hybrid architecture. leading system + smart energy management strategy.

        Overview: The fastest concept car to reach mass production, and also the most youthful and technologically advanced SUV in Trumpchi's history. The SUV is suitable for the tastes of young people in the current SUV market. At the same time, Julang Hybrid stands out on a "dual carbon" platform, supported by GAC's independent research and development strength, and with the help of Toyota's technical advantages, it is believed that the two GAC Trumpchi's hybrid technology line will most likely become electrified in the future.

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