Geely Xingyue L Thor Hi · X hybrid energy-saving and environmentally friendly - Car Blog - Experience with Geely Xingyue L, a small SUV with large interior space, smart configuration and great power, which has been selling well since its launch. Recently, however, Geely's Thor hybrid technology has begun to be fully implemented and the first model is installed on the Xingyue L. Today, the model we drove was the Geely Xingyue L Thor Hi hybrid. · X.

        In terms of appearance, the Thor version of Xingyue L has many differences in design, in which, its middle grille has been changed from a vertical bar to a plate matrix. The headlights still use the upper and lower three-segment daytime running lights, which also continue the characteristics of Xingyue. At the same time, the position of the air passages below the bumper also has lines that radiate outwards to look like machines from the future.

        Regarding the side design, the Thor version has not changed compared to the Xingyue L version. The wheel spokes have a smaller ventilation area, which can better reduce air resistance and improve the collection efficiency. energy recovery.

        The rear of the car still uses penetrating taillights combined with the vertical bar matrix effect to bring the atmosphere of a powerful muscular SUV. The only difference from the petrol version is the Xingyue L nameplate in the lower right corner bearing the exclusive Thor logo. .

Geely Xingyue L Thor Hi · X interior

        In terms of interior design, the Thor version of Xingyue L uses blue-white tones, bringing the sound of the sky and the sea, more suitable for the feeling of a new energy car. The car system still uses three large screens, the interior is also covered with leather with a large area, very good texture.

        Its electronic gear lever looks quite similar to the operating lever of a yacht, besides there is a steering mode knob, which can adjust different driving modes.

        The vehicle system is still rich in functionality, with very useful apps like WeChat and Bilibili on board. At the same time, the co-pilot screen can also watch movies, or help the driver set up navigation and send it back to the main screen.

        The blue and white chairs look sophisticated with diamond stitching. And there's a CMA logo on the back of the seat, symbolizing the car's adoption of the very advanced CMA architecture. And this chair also has lumbar adjustment, very comfortable.

        The rear seats are indeed very spacious, the backrest angle of the seat is also very comfortable, the seat material is also very soft. And the pedestal in the middle is also relatively flat, when three people sit next to each other, the horizontal and vertical space is very spacious.

        The volume of the luggage compartment is also significant, especially when this car is driven on long journeys, it can hold more luggage.

Geely Xingyue L Thor Hi · X Power

        In terms of power, Xingyue L Thor hybrid version uses a 1.5T engine with a maximum capacity of 150 horsepower, the maximum capacity of the electric motor is 136 horsepower, the total capacity of the whole system is 180kW (245 horsepower). ) and comprehensive torque. of 545N m. Its official 100km/h acceleration is 7.9 seconds, which is good enough for its size.

        The first impression of the car's dynamic handling is that it is very quiet. When starting to accelerate, the power output is very fast, but the engine sound is barely audible, but the electric motor is clearer. The entire acceleration is also very smooth, and the shifting is barely felt at the same time.

        Here we will talk about its unique technology, which is 3-block DHT. To say that the conventional fuel car has 7 speed and 8 speed, and the electric car is usually one speed. Models with DHT transmission actually combine series (extended range) and parallel (conventional combination) together. The advantage of this is that at medium and low speeds, the car can be fully electric, and the motor can also charge the battery without connecting directly to the drive shaft.

        In the case of medium and high speed, both gearboxes can drive the vehicle in parallel with the electric motor, in order to avoid excessive energy consumption of the electric vehicle at high speed and also reduce the power accordingly. effective. help reduce fuel consumption. At the same time, it can also achieve the same performance advantage as the three-engine hybrid commonly used in European cars. The power set is in the range of 20-70km/h and the DHT Pro 3-speed hybrid electric powertrain can be connected in parallel at full speed, delivering both electric and diesel, and intelligently distributing power.

        Regarding the chassis, the Thor version of Xingyue L continues the characteristics of the petrol version, the steering wheel is also very light and easy to drive. However, due to the battery layout that will lower the body's center of gravity, the advantage is that the supporting suspension is also very strong, and the body stability is very good when cornering on the highway. But at the same time, the feeling of the road surface is so obvious that it will be more sensitive to bumps on the road, even when the suspension also adds more shock absorbers, it will still be stiffer than the pure-fuel version. . But in addition, the smoothness on the car is much stronger than the pure gasoline version, the tire noise in the engine compartment and the extremely low grip, still has the taste of a high-class car.

        The hybrid version of Xingyue L Thor Hi · X has indeed been significantly improved in terms of power and smoothness when driving very well. On the basis of good operation, fuel consumption has been significantly reduced. It can be said that it is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and at the same time, you do not have to worry about the life of the battery, the battery life can reach 1,300 km when full of fuel. The pre-sale price of the two models is 171,700 yuan and 183,700 yuan equivalent to $26,919 and US$28,801.


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