Experience the new version Dongfeng Fengshen Haoji 2022

This is the electric brand of Dongfeng Fengshen, the full name is Mach Power, including the engine, transmission and hybrid power system, including the capacity from 1.0L to 2.0L. The gearbox has 6 speeds and 8 speeds. -speed As for the combined method, it is more diverse.

However, models equipped with the Mach dual-engine MHD hybrid system have always been heard and never seen. The car I drove today is the first new SUV to feature the Mach dual-engine MHD hybrid system, not only in fuel-powered versions but also in hybrid versions. Since it is the first, it must have a great background.

Some people have to say that Mach-powered models have not been listed before? There are sedans and SUVs. Please note that the SUV based on Dongfeng Group's advanced modular architecture platform DSMA is the first SUV model equipped with the Mach dual engine MHD hybrid system and its name is Haoji. It's been a while since it's been released, but it took us a long time to experience it. But at the same time there is good news, which is that Haoji can be pre-ordered online from May 20.

Haoji is positioned as a compact SUV with body dimensions of 4720/1910 / 1702mm and wheelbase of 2825mm. Yes, the 2825mm wheelbase even surpasses some mid-size SUVs, but judging from the pedigree of Dongfeng Fengshen's SUV family, the Haoji is indeed a compact SUV. "

The exterior design of Haoji is more avant-garde and bold compared to other new cars of Dongfeng Fengshen in the past, and easily meets the aesthetic orientation of today's young consumers. The large front grille is painted in piano black. The straight waterfall grille is very classy The light strip in the center of the grille connects the upper LED daytime running lights into a fog strip. the position of the lights, actually the headlights.

Haoji adopts the design concept of "wind imprint" appearance and offers 5 body colors including Aurora Blue, Ceramic White, Duan Inkstone Black, Shenmo Blue and Galaxy Gray. The test car I received was the body color of the Galaxy Gray. In terms of visual experience, the body color of Aurora Green is more beautiful. The floating roof on the side of the body and the yacht-style D-pillar are very eye-catching, with the black wheel rim decoration, creating an overall visual feel that is much improved compared to previous works of the Fengshen brand. .

The rear of the car is not as obvious as the front design and is relatively restrained, the large angular rear windshield and see-through taillights have become the focal point of the visuals. The chrome-plated exhaust pipe in the lower part of the bumper is mainly used for decoration, while the exhaust inside the bumper is actually directed downwards. Haoji's wheel shape is very eye-catching, and the color scheme between the wheels and the black hood is very high-end. It is worth mentioning that my test car was fitted with Pirelli Scorpio tires, size 235/50 R19.

In Haoji's car, an asymmetrical wraparound design is applied, and the center console named "Blast Surrounding Encircling Cockpit" is tilted towards the driver, providing a relatively better main driving view and a better design. . In addition to the traditional all-black interior color, there is also a blue-white color scheme, if you are a lazy cancer patient, you should honestly choose a black interior! The D-shaped flat bottom steering wheel uses perforated leather on the left and right handles, the grip feels great. Honestly, I prefer the perforated leather feel.

The full 12.3-inch LCD panel in front of the driver and the 12.3-inch touchscreen on the center console both deliver decent clarity and are responsive enough, but produce blinding reflections in some areas. certain angle. The interior of the center console applies the latest WindLink OS vehicle system and is equipped with an almost L3 level of automatic driving assistance system. In addition to FOTA, all Haoji series are equipped with AR smart butler standard. The name is very sweet: Sister Hao, you can Choose from different shapes and sounds to your liking.

Haoji's seat design is very noticeable, especially the auxiliary seat with electric footrest, this is a unique point among models of the same class. The comfort of the whole car is very respectable, the backrest of the rear seats can be adjusted just enough, with 10 different adjustment angles, very rich. The rear seats can be folded down to 4/6 points, the rear trunk volume can be expanded to a maximum of 1606L.

The test car that I received is a fuel-powered version, equipped with a 1.5L turbocharged engine with a maximum capacity of 150kW and maximum torque of 305Nm, combined with a 7-speed wet dual clutch transmission , accompanied by a mode selection knob that can be used to select a preferred driving mode according to different driving styles and preferences.

Haoji adopts front double wishbone + rear Macpherson suspension combination, which can provide better handling experience in daily driving and provide richer feedback than torsion beam rear suspension. , but in terms of comfort slightly worse than the multi-link rear suspension. The Haoji's overall chassis tuning is more subtle than that of previous Aeolus models, providing a better steering texture and handling experience, while leaning slightly towards handling based on a balance between comfort and handling. roof and handling.

Due to the limited gearshift, the 1.5T engine does not have a great advantage in terms of explosive power, but thanks to the large speed ratio transmission and relatively reasonable transmission ratio distribution, there is no feeling of slowing down when driving. start, and the transmission is more active when shifting gears, to complete the acceleration overtaking, after pressing the accelerator pedal deeply, the downshift is neat and tidy, but the turbo lag is relatively obvious . In general, the power of Haoji is more suitable for daily commuting, the Haoji hybrid version is more fuel-efficient and more powerful at the front.

Overview: Previous models of the Dongfeng Fengshen brand tended to be moderate and conservative in appearance design. The exterior and interior design of Haoji has been greatly improved. Due to the power from Mach, hybrid models are more suitable for today's high fuel demand. Economy, excellent design and rich configuration are the hallmarks of Haoji's hardware, along with many key features. service book has been published, if another sincere price is added, Haoji will become the new starting point for the Dongfeng Fengshen brand.
Experience the new version Dongfeng Fengshen Haoji 2022 Experience the new version Dongfeng Fengshen Haoji 2022 Reviewed by Dang Nhan on May 23, 2022 Rating: 5

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