Pure electric SUV breaks through 100% in 3 seconds, Lotus ELETRE officially opens for pre-sale

The all-new Lotus brand, officially opened for pre-sale online, is positioned as a mid-size and large-sized electric SUV, for the first time the new car company will launch 6 design-themed models.

At the end of March this year, ELETRE made its world debut as the Hyper SUV, making a bold breakthrough and opening up the world of Lotus' new high-performance car product, which was well received by fans around the world. heat and expectation.

Feng Qingfeng, CEO of Lotus Group, said: "ELETRE, as the first all-electric intelligent Hyper SUV in the 'Vision80' strategy, is the most important step in the brand's transformation. Lotus With the Lotus product line entering a new phase, it will introduce the fully upgraded Lotus brand to global users.

The overall exterior and interior design of the new car was done by Lotus Technology and Innovation Center (LTCC) in the UK. In terms of appearance, Lotus applies the idea of ​​​​creating a supercar to this SUV. Different from the sleek and smooth design of other pure electric models, the ELETRE front end adopts the design of the pure electric supercar EVIJA and is made taller, angular and very domineering. Split headlights are located on both sides of the front of the car, the interior light sources are arranged vertically, very recognizable and suitable for the aggressive temperament of the super SUV.

Under the supercar atmosphere created by the wing-shaped appearance, Lotus has brought its sophisticated aerodynamics technology to the extreme on ELETRE. The 7 sets of Race-Aero air ducts inherit the foam design of the pure electric supercar EVIJA, cleverly combining airflow and integrating racing technology and technological aesthetics.

In the body, Lotus ELETRE is equipped with 23-inch 5-double-spoke wheels, which not only brings a more beautiful appearance to the overall car but also improves the vehicle's performance. The matching large yellow brake calipers provide better braking performance while adding to the sporty atmosphere. Although the car is positioned as a mid to large SUV, the sturdy styling gives it a very strong supercar taste.

The see-through rear taillights and rear spoiler and electronically controlled active spoiler that can provide a maximum downforce of 116 kg make this car look very futuristic.

Lotus ELETRE Interior

In terms of interior, Lotus ELETRE uses a three-spoke sports steering wheel, the whole car is covered with a large number of soft materials, more comfortable to the touch and creates a luxury like a supercar. The whole car is equipped with 5 screens, namely a 15.1-inch floating OLED multimedia touch screen in the center of the control center, a 12.6-inch full-range LCD screen in front of the main driver and co-driver, 29 inch AR screen. The HUD vision system, and the rear seats, have a foldable 9-inch central screen that's very tech-savvy overall.

It is worth mentioning that ELETRE is equipped with the third generation Snapdragon dual cockpit platform (Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chip), and the world's leading 3D rendering technology to form a "one virtual one real" super brain, supporting 5 screens in the car. , 3D Smooth application of many situations such as navigation and high-speed communication function create a high-quality intelligent experience for the driver and passenger.

Lotus calls ELETRE the Hyper SUV, which shows that thanks to its EPA structure independently developed by Lotus, the all-electric ELETRE maintains the purity of a powerful Lotus supercar. Front and rear permanent magnet synchronous dual motors, rear electric drive, 2-speed gearbox and 800V high voltage architecture help the ELETRE reach a maximum capacity of 905 hp, accelerating to 100 km. in 3 seconds (2.95 seconds fastest), and the top speed is 260km/h. Its maximum range can reach 600 km in WLTP conditions on a single charge. With a charging capacity of 420kW, it can travel 120km within 5 minutes of recharging under WLTP conditions.

In terms of performance, inheriting the glory of Lotus' chassis tuning for more than 70 years, ELETRE also follows the principles of agility, linearity and toughness. The chassis integrated control system ICC it is equipped with can precisely adjust the intervention status of the 6D chassis control system, the electrical system and the aerodynamics, constantly helping the driver to break out of the way. own limits, awakening the enthusiasm inside the driver for the track. , and stimulate the handling potential of "level" racers.

On the smart side, at the hardware level, ELETRE is equipped with 34 industry leading high performance sensors to achieve 5x recognition with centimeter-level accuracy, truly achieving coverage comprehensive wave. Among them, the full-dimensional combination of 12 ultrasonic radars, 2 millimeter wave 4D imaging radars, 4 millimeter-angle radars and 4 lidars enables Eletre to have powerful panoramic perception, even in night scenes. with unsatisfactory lighting conditions.

In addition, ELETRE is equipped with two NVIDIA Orin-X chips, with a computing power of up to 508 TOPS, equivalent to 508 trillion operations per second. Based on Lotus's three industry-leading algorithmic models, drivers can accurately perceive the driving environment and handle risks when driving at different levels. At the same time, it can effectively judge the driving distance and quickly plan the driving route. Not only that, the super-strong algorithmic model will also learn the driver's driving habits autonomously.

The first cars to be delivered are expected no later than 2023.

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