Buick launched a new brand identity, 2 new strategic cars officially launched

The new flagship model of the MPV family, the GL8 Century CENTURY and the pure electric SUV Electra based on the Ultium electric platform, along with a new brand identity, were introduced at the "Buick Brand Day" event 2022.

Both new cars adopt a new brand identity and new design concepts. Among them, the GL8 Century CENTURY has opened up a new segment of higher-end and more luxurious MPVs on Buick's existing MPV platform. The new car will be launched this year. The Electra-X concept car is a preview of future production Buick models of the Autoneng electric vehicle platform, and the "Electra" will also be named as a family and used in the series. Buick's mass-produced Autoneng electric vehicle.


As the new flagship model of the Buick MPV family, the GL8 Century CENTURY is the leading private MPV model built in the more advanced, luxurious and modern segment. The car adopts the pure new design concept of PURE Design, has a body size of 5230 × 1980 × 1867mm and a two-color body.

Stepping into the car, the luxurious smart curtain system can be raised and lowered with the push of a button to support multi-mode smart screen projection, creating a luxurious and quiet "private space" for passengers. second seat. The luxurious 2nd row seats are wider and more comfortable, for the first time, the headrests are integrated with BOSE super near-field speakers, the roof creates a bright and realistic starry sky effect.

Following the launch of the new vehicle, the Buick GL8 family will form three main product matrices: GL8 Century CENTURY, GL8 Land Zun ES and GL8 Land Business Class, further reinforcing Buick's advantage and leadership position in the market. MPV school.

Electra-X Concept SUV

Electra-X is a concept SUV model developed based on the Ultium electric vehicle platform. It has a fresh shape and design that integrates a sense of technology, future and sport. This is the pure design concept of the new PURE Design in the new generation of Buick Electric Vehicles.

The car was also introduced by General Motors with a number of new technologies such as the new generation VCS smart cockpit system, equipped with the leading Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chip, equipped with a curved 6K screen with EYEMAX integrated, supports 5G connectivity, bringing to smart, efficient, seamless multi-directional driving experience.

In addition, the new generation Super Cruise speed steering assist system has two core technologies: the original driver's attention maintenance system and the centimeter-accurate map data system, and integrating advanced intelligent systems such as high-precision GPS positioning. to support OTA upgrade.

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