General Motors will take another 17 years to deliver enough Hummer EVs to customers

USA - General Motors has a waiting list for Hummer EV samples of about 77,000, while producing only 12 vehicles per day.

The General Motors (GM) plant in Detroit - which employs about 700 people - can only produce 12 Hummer EVs per day, a source told the Wall Street Journal. This pace is unusually slow for a car that has been in production for six months, according to consultants.

Thus, if a year this factory produces 365 days continuously, it will take 17.6 years to produce enough 77,000 cars that customers have ordered. For comparison, the factory of a best-selling car company in Vietnam like Toyota or Hyundai can produce nearly 80,000 cars a year.

In fact, the factory has invested about $2.2 billion to produce electric vehicles and is operating on schedule, a company representative said. The increase in production has been slower than usual mainly because the electric vehicle model was developed from the ground up and uses a completely new electric vehicle structure. GM wants to ensure quality when equipping the Hummer EV with its new technologies.

According to the representative, output will increase significantly in the second half of this year when the company starts using its own batteries from a new factory in Ohio, which is built with joint venture partner - LG Energy Solution (Korea). As a result, the number of vehicles delivered to customers from several hundred now is expected to increase to thousands by the end of this year.

Currently, many car manufacturers are trying to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles, bringing as many products to market as possible. However, nearly all face component shortages due to supply chain disruptions, which severely affect both output and sales.

Even with American automakers, not only GM, but also compatriots with low output. Ford is making an average of about 150 F-150 Lightnings per day at its plant near Dearborn, Michigan. Ford also just started production of this electric pickup in April.

American electric vehicle startup Rivian also only produced about 2,500 R1T electric pickups in the first quarter, or about 28 vehicles per day.

GM did not disclose sales targets for the Hummer EV, an electric vehicle priced at $85,000 to $110,000 depending on version. Meanwhile, the Ford F-150 Lightning is around 40,000-90,000, and Rivian's R1T is $80,000-95,000.

Also due to Hummer's slightly higher price tag, GM seems to have lower sales targets than competitors, according to Sam Fiorani, vice president of market research firm AutoForecast Solutions.

The large volume of orders while the output is very low, means that customers will have to wait a long time to receive their cars. But GM doesn't seem worried about Hummer EV buyers jumping to other brands either. The company representative stated that customers are willing to wait because of the unique characteristics of this electric vehicle, as well as a longer journey per charge and faster charging time than some competitors.

In the US, Hummer EV is sold in two versions, a 4-door pickup and a 5-door SUV. Power comes from three electric motors with a total capacity of 1,000 horsepower, maximum torque of 15,592 Nm, allowing the Hummer EV to accelerate from 0-97 km / h in just three seconds when using the launch control system. Watts to Freedom.

Some of the pickup's features include the four-part roof, which can be disassembled and stored in the trunk to form a special convertible version, the UltraVision camera system with 18 different viewing modes, from virtual detectors until the undercarriage camera supports obstacle avoidance. In particular, the Hummer Ev is available with a four-wheel steering system with the CrabWalk function, which can run diagonally, when both front and rear wheels rotate in the same direction.

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