Hyundai Motor reveals model of IONIQ 6 all-electric, rival of Tesla Model 3

The Hyundai Ioniq 6 has finally revealed bodywork details and an uncluttered interior. Currently, the supermarket is only highlighting the model of the near-launch electric sedan. Technical information is reportedly coming on July 14. This is the brand's latest electric vehicle and a stylish saloon-style alternative to the Tesla Model 3 and BMW i4.

The Video Hyundai Ioniq 6 

Inspired by Hyundai's Prophecy EV concept, the IONIQ 6 is characterized by clean, simple lines and a purely aerodynamic form that Hyundai designers represent as Emotional Efficiency. The IONIQ 6's electrically optimized layout and mind-boggling interior represent a silhouette for the new era of electric mobility, while the overall design theme of Ethical Uniqueness reflects the commitment Put the buyer as a focus on energy efficiency and environmental obligations .

The IONIQ 6 showcases unique and ethical design through energy efficiency and the use of sustainable materials. The design of the IONIQ 6 from the beginning has taken people as the center, bringing the interior space to be developed at the same time as the exterior. Efforts have been made to maximize and optimize interior space, extending it at the front and rear, creating a unique streamlined shape and spacious interior.

Like the award-winning IONIQ 5 before it, the IONIQ 6 implements the Hyundai Look design strategy, giving each model its own unique look, like chess pieces. By putting the customer at the center, Hyundai designs with diverse lifestyles rather than having a one-size-fits-all approach.

The IONIQ 6 has a very low drag coefficient of just 0.21, supported by a low nose, active front spoiler, wheel gap reducer and optional slim digital side mirrors [2] ] . Further supporting the enviable aerodynamics of the IONIQ 6 is an elliptical wing-inspired spoiler with a spoiler, a lightweight stern structure and secret traps on both sides of the rear bumper. Even underneath the car, trying to achieve lower aerodynamics is evident in the wrapping of all the undercarriage, the logicalized deflectors and the reduction of wheel arch distances.

IONIQ 6 also integrates more than 700 parametric pixels in various locations, such as headlights, rear combination lights, front bottom sensors, relative vent trim and dashboard indicator center, to reinforce the identity of the IONIQ brand throughout the vehicle.

The rear wing's parametric high-resolution stop light (HMSL) with stylish lighting effects when braking is applied. To further enhance the uniqueness of the IONIQ 6, a newly designed Hyundai 'H' badge is affixed to the front and rear of the vehicle.

Cocoon-inspired interior with thoughtful personal space on wheels

The IONIQ 6's cocoon-shaped interior is both a comfortable hiding place and a personal space, packed with practical features and sustainable materials to facilitate an on-the-go experience and friendly lifestyle. with the environment.

Hyundai Motor Corporation's Electric Global Modular Platform (E-GMP) allows designers to elongate the interior, front and rear, to create optimized legroom and spaciousness allowing passengers to stay comfortable in the vehicle. The platform also allows the floor to be completely flat, giving it a spacious feel.

The consumer-centric interior architecture is described by an ergonomically-designed control unit centrally placed to reduce distractions and promote safe, intuitive drivers. The modular touchscreen dashboard integrates a 12-inch full-touch infotainment display and a 12-inch digital cluster. The bridge-style key control panel provides convenient and spacious storage in the car.

Dual color ambient lighting provides overall illumination for the IONIQ 6 interior. Users can choose from 64 colors and six dual color themes developed by color experts to help Driver and passenger feel relaxed and comfortable. The 4-dot related pixel lights on the steering wheel allow easy communication between the driver and the vehicle.

The removal of buttons from the front door provides more breathing space and more storage capacity. Transparent accents on the bumper trim, door map recesses and under-dash cover further enhance the sense of universality and uniqueness.

Hyundai has not confirmed any further technical details about the Ioniq 6, but it says it uses the same chassis technology as the Ioniq 5. This means it will likely share many parts with the models. Hyundai's upcoming electric vehicle, including battery and motor.

The Ioniq 6 runs on the E-GMP platform that is also below the Ioniq 5 and Kia EV6 . The sedan is said to come with a 77.4 kilowatt-hour battery pack. With two electric motors, about 300 horsepower (224 kilowatts) is expected. There may also be a single engine and more performance-focused versions.

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