Lexus ES 2023 has more sports version in Europe

The new version of the Lexus ES is upgraded mainly inside the cockpit. The car is expected to be produced from August.

Lexus has just introduced a new version of the ES sedan in Europe. Compared to the old model, the ES 2023 is upgraded in terms of equipment as well as adding the F Sport Design version.

Compared to the old model, the Lexus ES 2023 continues to maintain the familiar design of the 6th generation.

The F Sport Design version is distinguished by its 19-inch wheels painted in black as well as the F Sport badging. Lexus offers this version 10 exterior paint options and 4 interior colors.

In addition to the standard powertrain versions, the 4 countries of Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine have an ES 300h variant.

Lexus has applied the new entertainment system to the RX, NX and UX before. On the ES, this technology continues to be improved with more features. The redesigned center console with the wireless charging tray is easier to use.

The highlight is the horizontal entertainment screen, Lexus did not announce the size of this screen, it is highly likely that this is a 12.3-inch type similar to its other product lines. The Apple CarPlay connection system has now switched to wireless, but Android Auto still uses a wired connection.

The voice recognition system has been updated and is compatible with 19 languages ​​in Europe. In addition, there is cloud technology that displays real-time information about traffic situation, fuel prices, parking availability...

Lexus ES 2023 will start production from August, the first orders are expected to be delivered to customers 2 months later. It is not yet clear whether the ES series in other countries will be upgraded like the European market.

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