Acura will bring back the ZDX in an electric version

Car Blog - Acura has lifted the veil on an electric SUV concept planned for 2024 and confirms the return of the ZDX name.
Acura has finally lifted the lid on an electric concept . This is a model that the manufacturer has been telling us about for some time. Essentially the luxury version of the Honda Prologue , also slated for 2024, this concept shows us the design language of Acura's future electric models while reviving the ZDX moniker .
It's important to note, however, that Acura hasn't confirmed that this concept will necessarily be the next ZDX, but that it will borrow design cues from it.
One thing is certain, this is the nomenclature that Acura has chosen for its first all-electric vehicle. If online rumors wanted this SUV to be called ADX , Acura instead borrowed the same strategy as with the Integra , that is to say to bet on nostalgia by reviving an old name.
The last time the letters ZDX were affixed to an Acura vehicle was in 2013, the last year of marketing of an SUV with an eccentric design and the appearance of a coupe. The ZDX unfortunately had no commercial success, but it becomes, ironically, a classic model in the making due to its rarity on the second-hand market.

An Acura…made by GM
Although Acura has confirmed this nomenclature, as well as a high-performance Type S version , the manufacturer remains silent on the technical characteristics of the electric ZDX. We know, however, that it will be the result of a partnership with General Motors and that it will be based on its modular Ultium architecture .
However, we could expect technical data similar to those of the Cadillac Lyriq , namely a battery whose capacity is calculated at 108 kilowatt hours (102 kWh usable) and a charging power on a fast terminal of up to 190 kilowatts. However, due to the modular nature of GM's batteries, the ZDX may receive dedicated technical data. To be continued.
All this could translate into a range of around 500 kilometers and a power of up to 500 horsepower for the Type S version. The ZDX could even boast a towing capacity of around 1,588 kilos (3,500 pounds), but nothing has been confirmed by Acura yet.

Familiar, yet scalable design
The design of the Acura Precision EV Concept continues in the same direction as the automaker's current products, all of which are inspired by the Precision Concept unveiled in 2016. Sporting angular lines and a format reminiscent of an MDX , the ZDX will put the Emphasis on lighting to accentuate its silhouette, especially in the front section where a string of LED lights illuminate the manufacturer's symbolic pentagonal grille.
The further we go in the calendar, the more we will know about the ZDX. During its gestation, we will also learn more about its cousin, the Honda Prologue , which will sport substantially the same technical components. It will be especially interesting to see how Honda intends to differentiate its two electric SUVs.
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