Voyah Free: a premium electric SUV for yacht enthusiasts

Car BlogLike manufacturer Nio, Voyah comes from China by reaching Europe via Norway. Its first showroom was opened in Oslo last June to market the Voyah Free electric SUV. Maxime Fontanier was there to show you this fascinating machine.
Dongfeng premium brand

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Voyah is for Dongfeng what Lexus is for Toyota: a premium brand dedicated to a demanding and financially comfortable clientele. Its debut was officially unveiled at the Beijing Motor Show in September 2020. The dedicated booth showcased two concepts based on the group's Essa (Electric, Intelligent, and Safety Architecture) platform. The Chinese group is designed for trendy models: i-Land sports sedans and i-Free SUVs.

This is the place to welcome visitors, potential customers and customers to the Voyah store in Oslo . It shows that the model marketed Voyah Free has kept the main lines drawn by the Italian office Italdesign that we have a wide range of models such as Fiat Panda, Renault 19, Lancia Delta, DeLorean DMC 12 , BMW Nasca C2, Bugatti EB218, and Lamborghini Cala.

Voyah Free suggests you escape with a machine that borrows some code from the yachting world. We will quickly notice that it is in the stern and in the layout of the ship that the comparison can be most clearly made.

Voyah Free

During a visit to Voyah's first European showroom, our professional journalist was awaited by 2 replicas of the SUV, one in white and the other in metallic blue. Both are equipped with a fixed panoramic glass roof that helps bring more light into the cabin. They use 20-inch turbine-style rims, shod with Pirelli P Zero tires. The chassis has a double wishbone at the front and a multi-link system at the rear.

A little unique compared to the competition

Located on a space mobilization footprint of 4.90 x 1.95 m, for a height of 1.65 m, Voyah Free plays on the same pitch as the Nio ES8, Audi e-Tron and Mercedes EQE. It can also be invited at the same time as the Tesla Model X or Model Y in projects to buy an unusual electric SUV.

Perhaps you will doubt the uniqueness of this Chinese competitor. So let's take a close look at how the air suspension plays, changing ground clearance from 11.3 cm with Sport driving mode, up to 21.3 cm. If it is not necessarily very common, such a device is not new. Many Citroën DS supporters have been enjoying it since 1955.

Therefore !? Take a look at the control panel during this operation: it follows the motion! Notice in the middle of the board, the eye will act as a companion to Nio ES8's Nomi. Tracking your actions and gestures, it will also report information about the presence and movements of other users on the street and on the road.

Voyah Free Distance 530 km

Voyah Free is equipped with 2 compact permanent-magnet synchronous motors, with a combined power that can be expanded to 360 kW (490 hp), for a maximum torque of 750 Nm, can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.4 seconds, before going 200 km/h its top speed limiter.

The motor is powered by a 100 kWh NMC (nickel manganese cobalt) lithium-ion cathode battery, with a total energy capacity of 106.4 kWh. The Chinese manufacturer claims an average consumption of 18 kWh / 100 km and a combined cycle WLTP range of about 530 km.

Through the Combo CCS connector, the pack can be recharged with DC current up to 125 kW. We see it as a far cry from what the Korean conglomerate Hyundai currently offers. A good curve can relativize the difference. The vehicle has an 11 kW charger for connection to the 22 kW AC connectors available in public spaces or individual wall boxes.

Driver's point of view

Up front, the seats are ventilated, heated and massaged and most of all very comfortable. "They're pretty well drawn, I think. It's comfortable. We have a lot of support without being oppressive," appreciated the man in the cap. He also noticed the presentation. sumptuous” of the dashboard, which, from one end to the other, consists of an array of digital displays.

As a result, passengers sitting next to the driver can also access various apps. For this, it has a dedicated shelf located above the cooler glove box to keep drinks cool. 5G key combination system. European versions of Voyah Free will be compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

To the right of the pebble-shaped drive selector, a touchpad lets you use the center display without needing to lubricate your fingers. A variety of materials, including brushed aluminum, light up the very handy hanging center console. There's also a steering wheel, on the left side are buttons to manage driver assistance including cruise control and on the other side are buttons to intervene the infotainment system.

Behind the sealing ring, the gauge display is easy to read with beautifully refined graphics. It is a model of its kind. At the bottom left of the speedometer, the available power level is expressed as a percentage and autonomy. An inductive charger, various outlets (USB and 12 V) and plenty of storage space are accessible to the front passenger.

The dashboard, door panels and all parts that come into contact with the knee are covered with cushioning material. "It's probably the best driving position I've had in an SUV to date," compared Maxime Fontanier. If Voyah Free couldn't be tested, one would imagine the machine growing very silently, even at high speed. The presence of laminated glass and very thick door cushions confirm this idea.

Voyah Free Price

In Oslo, Voyah Free is on display from 719,000 Norwegian kroner, will be available later in the year. With a very precise exchange rate of 0.10 euros per unit, this amounts to just 71,900 euros.

However, electricians in this country do not have to pay VAT, in France it is 20%. This will put this electric SUV in France for 86,280 euros, minus the price difference.

What do you think about this model? Can you imagine it has the potential to worry European manufacturers? And are you intrigued enough to add it to your list of electric cars to try if you're planning to buy one in this budget?
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