New Canadian manufacturer Potential Motors unveils the Adventure 1

Car Blog - Potential Motors, a new builder based in New Brunswick , yesterday released the first images of the Adventure 1, its all-terrain utility vehicle with a new type of electric motor. Because it is a vehicle that finds itself at the crossroads of 4x4s for adventurers, all-terrain utility vehicles (UTVs) side by side and small motorhomes for explorers who go beyond the asphalt.

The young Fredericton company that developed it describes the Adventure 1 as an “expedition vehicle suitable for the most remote off-road destinations”.

To achieve this, the Adventure 1 will have a very low center of gravity and independent suspension. It will also have attack, ventral and exit angles adapted to off-road driving, namely 40, 29 and 45 degrees respectively; ratings that compare favorably to those of a 2-door Jeep Wrangler (41.4, 25 and 35.9 degrees). Even its 327.6 mm ground clearance equals that of a 4-door Jeep Wrangler Rubicon equipped with the most aggressive optional off-road tires!

Unique Off-Road OS
In addition, two electric motors will drive all four wheels delivering 604 hp and 737 lb-ft of torque. The Potential Motors vehicle is also distinguished by the computer operating system developed to facilitate its movement in difficult terrain. Called Off-Road OS, this system uses artificial intelligence to make driving the Adventure 1 proactive by effectively managing engine torque and suspension depending on where the vehicle is driving, without driver intervention.

"This system will allow experienced pilots to go further than they would have thought possible, while giving confidence to new off-road adventurers", explains the manufacturer, who also plans to share it with big names. manufacturers their operating system to extend its use to the entire EV industry.

“Innovation in clean technologies and the electrification of mobility are changing the way we move in Canada and around the world. Potential Motors brings a new method of controlling off-road electric vehicles, a growing segment that has been forgotten by the electric revolution”, explained Sam Poirier, CEO and co-founder of Potential Motors, in March 2021, when the Agency Atlantic Canada Business Development Agency announced an investment in this young company.

Considered a UTV

It should be noted, however, that the Adventure 1 is intended for almost exclusively off-road use, since it was designed like a side-by-side UTV, but with a much higher level of sophistication.

In the eyes of the law, in Quebec and in the other provinces, it will be considered a UTV, confirms the manufacturer. It cannot therefore be driven on public roads. On the other hand, in certain regions of the United States, it will be able to be used on secondary roads where such a vehicle is admitted and can be registered for this purpose. It can also be towed flat on the road with a motorhome like a "skip", as the regulars say. At the same time, while driving, this use will allow you to recharge your battery.

This vocation explains the relative narrowness of its bodywork. Its width is 1,625mm, a dimension close to that of a four-seat Can-Am Defender Max, for example. That's why its designers say it's best suited for narrow off-road trails and tracks, where common trucks and SUVs can't pass.

But the Adventure 1 will be much more than a simple UTV since its closed cabin can be fitted out in multiple ways. For example, the manufacturer will offer it with an interior fitted out for travel with a full-size bed, a sliding kitchen module (with fridge, stove, sink, etc.), a 40 L water tank and a roof rack. Others will prefer, moreover, an interior arranged more simply in order to transport two full-size motorcycles in the dry to further their exploration of remote places.

160 km range
The manufacturer did not reveal the length of the vehicle, only the wheelbase of 2667 mm of its chassis. He didn't reveal any details about its battery, either, other than the 100-mile range it will provide. It is also unknown where the Adventure 1 will be assembled. Noah Tompkins, Marketing Director of Potential Motors with whom we contacted, limited himself to telling us that it will be “in North America”.

On the other hand, Mr. Tompkins told us that the first deliveries are scheduled for 2025 for this vehicle, which is offered from $136,600. A price that makes the Adventure 1 an exceptional product intended for a limited annual production of a few hundred copies, confirms the marketing director.

We will certainly know more when this original 4x4 is shown to the public for the first time. This presentation will take place as part of Overland Expo East, a major fair for travelers without limits. This event will take place in Arrington, Virginia, from October 7-9, 2022. In the meantime, it is already possible to pre-order the Adventure 1 by visiting the Potential Motors site by paying a deposit of US$1,000.

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